Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Got Pupp'd

For the last six weeks, I participated in a Weight Loss Challenge with my boot camp, AMP Fitness. I did not make my goal of loosing 10 pounds, but I did successfully lose five pounds. I also learned a lot about my eating habits.

There were some days, that I just did not eat enough of my required daily calories needed. Who knew that being under the calorie goal could be a detriment? Perhaps I am the last person to realize this, but better late than never. The last couple of weeks of the WLC, I admit I ate more sugar stuff than I should of, but this is where my weakness lies. I do enjoy sweets, but thanks to this WLC, I am learning to eat them in moderation.

Don't you feel sorry for me having to deal with this view?
At the end of the WLC, AMP Fitness organized a 5k trail race and weigh-in. Family members were invited to participate, so naturally, I brought UMM and Penny the Pup. The trail race was held in Coloma on a trail I know very well, the Gerle Creek Loop. Mostly compacted dirt with a few baby hills, made this course a semi-fast trail race. The weather temperatures were perfect, just the way I liked it, not too cold, nor too hot. 

Boot camp coaches daughter took a liking to UMM. Too cute!

We set off with UMM and Penny the Pup in the lead and me second. I tried to keep the space between us tight, but that was not held for long. Even though UMM is a long distance runner, he is fast regardless of what distance. I kept a good pace going and was happy to be on the trails. I just recently conquered my fear of putting things in my eyes and am now proudly wearing contacts. This marked my first time on the trails sans prescription glasses, and I absolutely loved it! A mile in and I heard footsteps creep behind me. By the sound of the thumps, I knew I was about to be passed. It was a guy I did not recognize, who attended boot camp class at a different time. After he passed, I continued on for a bit. As far as my contacts could see, it was just me. I slowed a bit and settled into a comfortable pace and enjoyed the scenery. At two miles, I hit a loop that we had to do twice. As I began my first loop, UMM and Penny the Pup began there 2nd. It was super fun to see them again and chase after them eating their dust. The loop seemed to go by faster the second time around and maybe that was because I knew what I would expect. Heading to the finish line, UMM and Penny the Pup who had clearly finished, came back to run me in. That was a lot of fun! I ran the 3.1 course in 27:05 finishing 3rd overall and 1st female. UMM and Penny the Pup ran the race in 20:21. Yep, I basically got pupped, but awesome that my little dog was able to run a sub 7 pace. Proud doggie mom over here!

Posing w/ fellow boot campers
Making friends post race. This dog just keeps on going!

It was a fun day out on the trails!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cash & Apples

I’m behind in race reporting. So, today I present to you, the Double Special. Two race recaps in one! Short, sweet, and here we go!

This was the 2nd time I participated in the Folsom Blues Breakout Half and just like the first time, my performance was less than stellar. I really tried to pace myself in the beginning of this run and not just blow down the hill in the first few miles. This was a mistake I had made last year. This year, my energy felt lost from mile six on. Cause: Lack of proper nutrition, I bet.

So, it wasn’t the time I was after (three minutes slower than last year), but I did enjoy the Johnny Cash tribute bands that were out on the course, seeing friends and having UMM and Penny the Pup waiting for me at the finish line with avocado toast and coffee to boot! It was awesome to have them there for support! Sadly, I couldn’t stay long for I had to rush back up the hill to put on an event for work. We just moved to a new building with a beautiful spiral staircase. I did not foresee all the up and downs I had to make, but let’s just say my legs were nice and sore after running a half and stair climbing.

UMM and I at the finish line!

Love the bottle opener medals

Next up, I ran the Apple Hill Harvest Run. This marks my 3rd year participating in this annual race. It was scheduled the day after my works grand Opening Gala that I organized. I knew I would be tired and I wondered what I was thinking signing up for a race the day after organizing a major event. C’est la vie. I ran as always, the 3.5 race. Right when I started, my lungs started to burn and my heart rate was way up. I do believe other runners around me had lung burning issues as well. Everyone was coughing and spitting. Was it the cold air? The chimneys of all the houses we passed? Or, a combination of the two. I wondered if the other runners tasted blood as well.
Different from years past, I felt that the course was far less hillier than I remembered. Thanks to now living in Placerville, I might just be getting use to all them hills. I crossed the finish line in 29:40. 39 seconds slower than last years race and two minutes slower still than two years ago.

Jen and I pre race

Beth and I post race
While I had a lot of fun running this race and overall happy with my time, I would like to get back to where I was before, at least in the 5k distance. More speed work it is then!

So there is! My two race recap report. Reflecting on my races helps me see where I lack and where I need to improve. I would like nothing more than to get back to my 5k PR. So here we go…...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I ran the Barktoberfest 5k with my dog Penny the Pup. It was her first official 5k race. Instead of myself telling you all about it, I have asked Penny the Pup to be my guest blogger for this post. While the thoughts and words on the post are purely Penny’s, I did assist her with spelling.

It was just another morning where mom wakes up early. Sometimes she is up so early that I don’t even want to get out of bed. This was not one of those times. I ate my breakfast in 26.2 seconds. It is here that I will excitedly inform you that 26.2 seconds is a PR for how fast I can swallow down my kibble! Hooray for me! Best morning ever! I then did my business outside, and soon mom was telling me to load up in the car. I kept asking her where we were off too, but mom never responded. On a side note, I get annoyed that I have to learn mom’s language, but she does not even bother to learn mine. My mom is the best human ever it’s true, but sometimes, I just wish she would howl with me.

It seemed like we were in the car forever. I aged a week in that darn car, but then there we were! A sniffing butt, dog treat utopia. Mom told me that we were going to run a race! I was really excited. I love to run. I love to run in the front. This was my chance to show all those other butts just how fast I can run. Mom got our bib and we walked about some before it was time to paw up to the starting line. We were in the front as instructed and my goodness there were a lot of dogs and LIGHT REFLECTIONS. Light reflections from runner’s watches are the best things ever! One day I will get those little buggers. They are always just out of reach. I mean, they must have some super power. I can see them, they are there, but I can never grab a hold of them. I bet they taste like liver. I’m going to get you my little reflection light and you are going to be so delicious!

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

Wait. There was something I was just doing.

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

Oh, I remember. I was telling you about the race! Since I like being first, when the announcer shouted “GO” I was off like a rocket ship! Whatever that is. Some things are just more important than Light Reflections.

Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections Light Reflections.

There were a few humans ahead of us and no butts (or dogs as you humans refer). I was the lead pup, but that wasn’t good enough, so I made mom run faster. It was hot out and really, I don’t think she could keep up, but mom surprised me. We passed those humans and we were in the lead. There was a row of dog bowls that had water in them. I was thirsty, but decided I had no time for drinking as I had a race to win.

The course and event was held at Maidu Park in Roseville. It was a loop. Some butts and humans were doing the 2.5k, but mom and me, we were doing the 5k. The 5k was a double loop. As we passed the start line beginning our 2nd loop, a German Butt err, German Shepherd passed us. Sonova dog biscuit! I tried to increase my speed but mom and me just couldn’t keep up. German Butt was now in the lead. Penny the Pup (that’s me) was now second. First is the Worst and SECOND IS THE BEST! I stopped at the water bowls this time because I was thirsty, but much to my dismay, the dog bowls were filled with a mixture of water and dog slobber. So gross. We kept running, passing all the walking Butts and humans until finally when I was wanting the whole thing to be over with (I had ran ten miles the day before), we crossed the finish line! Hooray! I did it! I crossed the finish line 2nd overall pup! It was the best moment ever. Humans gave me cookies, congratulated me, and that was it! Mom mentioned the course was a tad over so looks like we ran 3.6 in 30 minutes. At the start of the race at 9am it was 90 degrees. Disgusting.

It was the best day ever! I can’t wait to run in a race again. Mom said there is a chance that she might be organizing a dog race next year. I know she won’t be able to run it, but hopefully Dad or one of their human friends will run with me! It was so much fun! I love running, and racing, and light reflections!

The 1st place ribbon was from an agility fun match. Running & Agility all in one morning!
This is my "mom stop taking pictures of me" face!
Rolling on the grass is the best thing ever!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Blog has been ignored and I feel bad about that. I really do. To catch you up a tad, work has been keeping me busy. I would rather be busy than bored so rest assured, this is a good thing.

I am still running, but not as much as I had been. Perhaps I just needed a reboot. When I did get out for a run, it was the best thing ever. I held no negative thoughts or hatred towards running. It was nice to not be on a training schedule or worry about reaching my weekly mile goals. I ran when I wanted. What a concept. And, yes, I am also still enjoying bootcamp. We do a lot of sprinting in boot camp and while I am not putting in the miles I use to, I am very much enjoying the spurts of sprinting.

The cooler weather that has hit Placerville has also inspired me to get out more and run. I can’t wait until the cool weather sticks so that I can start doing runch! Oh how I miss runch!

This week starts a weight loss challenge I am participating in. I have never done a weight loss challenge and I am hoping it will help me lose the 10 pounds I seemed to have gained in the last two years. We shall see, but I am really excited to try it out. I am not so excited to give up dessert however. Goodbye sweets, hello smaller waistline...Hopefully!

So what have I been doing this lovely month of September? I raised money for cancer research and participated in Relay for Life. I am really glad I participated in this event and was able to raise some money for such a worthy cause. Many thank you’s and hugs for all the support! You all mean the world to me!

I traveled to visit my BFF who just recently moved to Mariposa. Two city girls now living in the country/foothills. I would have never thought, but hey, we are eating a lot of peaches, so it works!  And when in Mariposa, one should dress like Lucille Ball and stomp grapes, you know to blend in with the Mariposians naturally.

The next weekend, I took Penny on a running tour of my home town, visited with friends, and went to the Bark in Park event in San Jose .

I might have participated in karaoke hosted by Elvis with Cathryn and her lovely family on labor day weekend.

And there you have the highlights. There was so much more going on, but those were the highlights. I could also mention that the El Dorado Arts Council (where I work), moved to another location and had a successful fundraising event that I helped coordinate, but who wants to talk about work anyway, unless of course you love your job...And so I do!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Staying Healthy & Fighting for a Cause

It has been a couple of weeks since running the TSFM and I am back at it. I changed my routine up a tad and have started a boot camp with AMP Fitness.

I never really was a boot camp type of chick, but I do enjoy group fitness. This particular boot camp combines running and strengthening. Naturally, I love the sprinting part and need a little more work on the strengthening end. The first week, my whole body was sore sore sore, and I absolutely loved the feeling! Such a nice change of pace.

In addition to boot camp, I am also teaching a weekly Pilates class. I have always been very fond of pilates and use to be an instructor. It feels so good to be teaching pilates again and so awesome to have friends and co workers workout with me. I love pilates almost as much as I love running. It is so good for you and I just adore all the core work involved!

In other news, My dad was recently diagnosed with hodgkin's disease and is currently going through the motions of chemotherapy. A few years past, my mom had breast cancer. Cancer sucks and it seems to be everywhere. No one is safe from this horrible disease.

When my boot camp group, Amp Fitness announced that they formed a team for Relay for Life, I immediately signed up. Relay for life is basically just running laps around the track for a 24 hour duration of time. The team takes shifts raising awareness for the American Cancer Society. Because this topic is close to my heart, I am also fundraising for the event. It is the least I can do for my parents, and frankly, I am investing in my own future and that of ALL my loved ones. I rarely ask for money, but if you could spare a dime, please visit my fundraising page and give a little. No amount is too small and I would certainly appreciate your support! Huge cyber hugs to you all!

My friend Jenna has also set up Younique page for me. If you buy any makeup from Jenna from now until the date of the relay, September 6th, 25% of her sales will go towards my fundraising cause. While I have not used any of Younique’s products yet, I do really want to try the color eyeshadow options available. The colors are bold and striking. They are mineral based and  chemical free. Check them out, buy some makeup, and donate to this worthy cause! We all win!!! And thank you, Jenna for your support!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Another San Francisco Marathon has come and passed. This was my third year participating in the race as well as my third year serving as an ambassador. A lot of memories were made along the SFM course. A lot of friendships were formed. I truly did leave my heart in San Francisco and am so humbled to have been apart of it all!

I drove out Friday morning where I picked up Corinne and Wes  near our hotels. The weather was quite warm for a day in the city in July. There I was just standing on the sidewalk sweating like a sweat monster. I was hoping for a cool foggy day and feared a bit that come Sunday morning on race day, that it would be the same hotness.

We arrived at the expo in high spirits where we stayed for the afternoon working a shift.

Expo - Non stop laughs with Miriam and Tricia

Trying to find my center
Pavey ran the double marathon. And here I am complaining about running the course once! ;)

Love these guys - 3 years serving as a SFM ambassador together!
Charles and I posing with the talented Ronnie. His masterpiece on the right.
Sea of orange with Chewbacca.
Sorry awesome volunteer, I just couldn't resist. I was exhausted too!
I am madly love with The San Francisco Marathon race as a whole. This year, the race team added some pretty cool features.

No plastic water bottles. Drinking out of a carton was fun, but a bit challenging. Drinking out of a carton is a challenge after all.

And, free race photos! How awesome is that?

After the expo, we went and had Ramen at Genki. The heat wouldn’t stop me from getting my ramen fix. No sir! It was delicious!

Wes arranged an ambassador meetup at Thirsty Bear Brewing Company for that evening. A couple of days before the meetup, I had invited the infamous Bart Yasso to join us. He accepted the invitation even though he is not much of a drinker. The hard part about Bart attending, was keeping my mouth bloody shut. I told Wes since he was the organizer and teased the rest of the team stating that there would be a “surprise mystery guest” joining us. Yes, I have a big mouth so…. I may or may not have let the cat out the bag before Thirsty Bear to a couple of people noone. Regardless, everyone seemed surprised and happy to see Bart and we all had a lot of fun!

At Thirsty Beat getting ready for our tour.

Where the magic all happens.
No picture caption needed, right?

Group photo of all us crazy kids.
Table time!

Ragnar relay reunion with some of the teammates
The next morning, Corinne, Wes and I, woke up super early and arrived super early for the shakeout run with Bart! More Bart! Seriously, it was truly a Bart weekend. I loved hanging out with him and getting to know him better. Bart is such a great guy! Not to mention super fun!

After the shakeout we hung out with fellow ambassadors, ate lunch, and soon we were on our way back to our hotels to rest.

Photo Credit due to Albert taken during the shakeout run!
What a terrible view!

Gotta love Barts famous selfie shots!

Gift Basket for our fearless leader, Lark!

Wes, Corinne, and I!

Expos are exhausting!
The San Francisco Marathon would mark my 5th marathon and if we want to get technical, 4th road race marathon. It’s no secret that I don’t love running the marathon distance. I did put in the training, but I was not able to stick to my training plan to a T. I started a new job and life got in the way of running. Imagine that! But alas, I wanted to be apart of the 52 club and well, I wanted to run the marathon! There I said it! Don’t ever make me say it again!

So just like that, it was marathon morning and a cool and overcast morning at that. Wes, Corinne and I took uber to the start line where we hung out at the ambassador and pacer tent. I had a freak out moment, went to the bathroom a hundred times, chatted with friends, and soon it was go time!

This view also sucks!

Tricia, Heather, Corinne and Wes! 
Cutest just married couple ever! No seriously, they were married just mere hours before this picture was taken!

Wes and I had already discussed running together for the first half where he would head on to his half finish and I would continue on with my marathon journey. We also ran with Miriam and Paulette for the first few miles until we broke off. I felt pretty strong during the 1st half running with Wes. It was pretty awesome. I was also pretty impressed with the way I conquered the hill climbs. Thank you Placerville, as now in my new home, all I run is hills!

My favorite photo! Thanks Scott for snapping it!
I absolutely loved running on the Golden Gate Bridge and not because it was running on the Golden Gate Bridge, but because I got to see so many of my friends on the out and back, fellow ambassadors, and familiar faces. Such a treat!

Soon, Wes and I were parting ways. Honestly, I was dreading running the next half by myself, but it wasn’t so bad really. And, I can totally say that now that I am not in the moment of it all. So yes, I am technically a big fat liar. During, it was hard. I was happy that Cara caught up and ran with me for a mile or so before she left me in her dust. I adored the bubble machine somewhere along Haight/Ashbury. I loved the bicyclist who rode up and down the course with some awesome tunes. I enjoyed snacking on my delicious rice cakes that UMM had so kindly made for me. I appreciated at mile 23 that I had brought my earphones that allowed me to listen to some music that pushed me through that deep dark wall.

Free race photos! Score!

And when I got to the point where I was just over this whole running a marathon thing, I crossed the finish line! Hooray for me! I finished in 4:45. This by far was my slowest marathon time yet, but I’m most certainly okay with that. I wasn’t running with any particular goal in mind. But I got out there and I did it. And, I might even do it again. But only because my favorite number is six and I might just have to run one more marathon just to say I did.


Ambassadors Finisher selfie with Scott and Steve.

My fab friends Shannon and Shila. We didn't run together, but we found each other at the finish line at least.

Loved all my race swag and gifts!!!!