Running Reverie

Did you know that daydreaming can be dangerous? It's a horrible habit really. I prefer not to take road trips by myself, for at the end of the trip, I always end up snapping out of a coma to discover I am hours, and miles away from my intended destination. It should be a law really. No daydreaming and driving allowed.

This disease does not just strike me behind the wheel, it happens when I run as well. On the 4th of July this year past, I was ready to run a 5k race. There was also a 10k race starting at the exact time on the same course. I am certain that you see where this is headed. I was running the 5k with one of my teammates when not even a mile into it, she sees the row of porta potties calling her name and takes a detour. I kept going, and of course went on auto pilot for awhile. When I finally decided to tune back into the real world, it felt as if I had been running longer than three miles. Genius I know. This was validated as I saw the four mile marker. I kept running, but was confused on what I should do. Do I turn around? Call my teammate? Sit on the trail and pound my fists on the ground?

Of course I ran that 10k in its entirety with dignity and a few curse words thrown into the mix. I will admit, that I was mad at myself for not paying attention. I ended up with a 10k PR that unfortunately was recorded in the 5k results -And so it goes. My teammate was beside herself at the finish line. Looking back at it now, it was pretty comical. Despite her bathroom break, she still managed to run the 5k in 24 minutes and something seconds. When she didn't see me cheering her on at the finish line, she thought the worse. It didn't even cross her mind that I would miss the 5k turn like the moron that I am. Got to love her really!

I would like to tell you that I learned not to daydream anymore, but I am still trying to find the off button on that one. Running the wrong course however was yet another reminder that life is unexpected. While you can train to your fullest potential, plan out your pacing, and map out the course, things will and do happen and it's best to take it with stride (pun intended) and grace. After all, it is the unknowing that keeps me racing whether it's in my reality, or only in my dreams.

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