Radiant Race Recap

Waiting for the Ferry in Tiburon, Ca.
A ferry ride that includes a beautiful trail run makes for the perfect day! Being so close to the time of the Maui Marathon, I decided to participate in the PCTR Angel Island Trail  Race 8k as practice for tackling some of the hills that will be on the humid Maui course. It was a sunny day but super cold. The course started on pavement that introduced you to a long stairway going uphill.
Even though Five days a week I climb the stairs to my office on the 9th floor, I still had a
We're on a boat
problem running these wooden gems. Note to self: “Run don’t walk to the 9th floor if I ever want to try and tackle Dipsea!”
The stairs led to a trail that held hills, hills, and more hills. While it was a gradual climb, I was still a bit challenged with my pace being at a 12. At the turn around point at the top, I managed to snap a photo. Then down hill I went. In my head I wanted to fly. Though as I passed other runners also going down the hill as well as those heading in the opposite direction on a single trail,
I found this to be a bit nerve racking and slowed my
View from the top
Once I got away from everyone, I managed to get my pace down to 5:45 and because it was downhill, it felt like nothing at all…Until I almost ran off the side of the cliff during one of the sharp turns! Talk about an adrenaline rush - Ha - Fun times! I slowed my pace down some -
Perhaps being a bit more cautious and ended the race strong at my 5k pace of 7:20.
My overall time was 52:47 coming in 37th overall out of 150 runners, 8th overall gender, and 5th in my age group. For allowing myself to actually enjoy the course, and not be so competitive, I am very proud of the outcome. It was my first time to Angel Island and I can’t wait to go back.
DailyMile Friend John
The event was very well organized with a fabulous array of eats post race. I was also able to connect with a Dailymiler which is always fun!
Group photo op
This will mark my first official race where I did not get down on myself for my time. I just enjoyed the course and had some fun. I am so proud, really I am. Ah progress, gotta love it! I think everyday should include a ferry ride, beautiful scenery, awesome company, and a challenging trail run!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Found this lil guy cheering on the runners as they passsed

I can never get enough pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge

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