Running Confessions

It’s amazing what a new pair of running shoes can do, whether you need them or not. It’s that new shoe smell that gets you excited to hit the pavement and do what comes naturally. Purchasing these shoes today, I barely had the receipt in my hand when I was running (literally) out the door to put some miles on them. This will be the third pair in two months that I have purchased. I would like to confess that my name is Alisyn, and I am addicted to buying running shoes.While I’m at it, I will include a few other confessions as I hope to go in the right direction for 2011 (hopefully I can also run in the right direction in a race while I am at it). Honestly, I don’t know how I can live with myself holding them all in for so long, but to you I confess my syn’s...

While running in races longer than a 10k I’m the girl who does not swallow! Yes, I will graciously thank the volunteer for handing me the cup of water as I run past. I put the cup to my mouth and swirl the water around, then spit. I try to aim for an open patch of ground, but sometimes I hit a target. If I have ever spit on your shoe, I apologize.

Sometimes during my training sessions I run so fast that I cry. It hurts and I’m a big baby apparently.

In the beauty of the outdoors, I can run miles and miles. In the Confinements of the gym, I can run no more than a mile on the Dreadmill. It’s true. I just get so bored. I can’t do it. So, I run in the worst of weather conditions and I love it.

When I first started taking GU, I had devised a plan during the Nike Women’s half Marathon that I would simply squeeze the substance into the cup of water and take it with one gulp. However it wound up all over my face and missed my mouth completely. For the last four miles of the NWM I ran with GU all over my face. I am a sloppy runner, what can I say?

I have lost more toenails than I can count which is sad because I only have ten toes. I still paint them. Try explaining on a date to a non runner why toenails are useless anyway - It doesn’t really go over too well. So, I just try to fool them. Thank goodness I have yet to date someone with a foot fetish…Can you imagine?

I despise lifting weights. Funny, because I used to be a personal trainer. I do it, but I don’t like it.

I traded my party girl ways for the love of running. I sometimes miss my careless drunken  nights out, but I have gained so much more, and will never go back to hangover city. However, I still drink - It’s in my DNA after all.

Secretly I love falling during a trail run. Granted it hurts, but I like showing off my scars. I currently have had three major falls where I ate dirt. A lot of dirt. At least I am learning how to fall.
My first trail run fall. I remember it like it was yesterday!

I don’t like crowds. I am that chick when going to a concert will map out two exit plans in case of an emergency. It is hard for me to run in larger races, but as god is my witness I will conquer crowds and I won’t look back while doing it!

I hate panty lines. So I don’t run with any. Did I say too much?

I wrote this blog while running. Did you expect anything less?

So, that is me. I am certain I will be adding to this growing list, but that is it for now. Your turn! Do tell me some of your running confessions and don’t leave anything out! Sharing is caring after all!

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