Love to Run. Hate to Fuss.

It’s true! I love to run. The wind through my hair, the sweat in my eyes, the chaffing under my arms….Okay, maybe not that, but you know what I mean. However, I don’t like running with things attached to me. As any good long distance runner discovers at one point or another, carrying some type of fuel can be crucial.

Carrying fuel sounds so simple, but for someone who futz’s around with things as much as I do, the typical one bottle, two bottle, four bottle fuel belts (yes I have tried them all) just won’t suffice. No matter how tight I clip the belt around my waist, it always seems to slip, and slide. It’s just not comfortable when I run. I see other runners who wear the belt with ease and grace, and swear by it as I look on admiring the way those contraptions rest perfectly on their hips.

From my marathon recap post, I mentioned that a couple of my dailymile friends suggested I try the Nathan Hydration Pak. After stopping at every water stop, slowing my time some during the marathon, I was willing to give it a try. I researched Nathan products and thought that the Nathan Intensity Women’s series 2 liter would be my best bet. I couldn’t find any in my area, so I took a chance and ordered online. Two days later (Thank you Amazon) I was slipping my arms through the straps and fitting the vest just right to the curve of my back. You are supposed to wear it loosely around the shoulders. The material is quite unique as it is mesh, lightweight, and breathable.

I have to admit I was a bit worried about chaffing as I was wearing a tank top with the vest, but at the end of my ten mile run, I was chafe free! I hardly felt like I had anything on my back at all. It is true what they claim “Moves with you not against you!“ I did hear the jiggle of the compartments which held my Gu and keys. And while I found this an annoyance, I overlooked it as I was happy to have the extra pockets for storage.

My favorite part about the Nathan Intensity was that I could drink while I ran! Amazing! I have never been talented with mastering drinking and running at the same time. I can however chew gum and walk. It always seems to end up on my face (the water not the gum that is), or I seem to choke mid swallow. The Intensity however, allows me to keep my steady pace all while hydrating! Where wonders never cease.

I am very excited that I finally found a product that will run with me and allow my run to flow naturally without having to sound like a drunken sailor every five minutes. I am certain the people running around me will agree. So if you are a futz(er) like me and don’t like running with a lot of gear, I highly recommend the Nathan Hydration Intensity Vest! It's hydration happily ever after really!

Posing with the Nathan Intensity and dailymile friend/fellow blogger Naomi

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