Sexy Endorphins

Addictions. We all have them whether we choose to admit it or not. Some addictions are harmless and done in moderation. Other addictions not so much. Hi my name is Syn and I am addicted to running and sex...Among other things (Social media, blogging, chocolate, adrenaline...The list goes on).
Yep I said it! It wouldn't be a Run in Syn blog if I didn't talk about one of my favorite topics -SEX! We all do it, whether it is to pro create or for simple pleasures. While I do like to over indulge a tad in my running and sexual addictions, I don't feel that I need to attend a meeting or seek help. I don't consider it a problem. While I am thinking about both topics often I also think of food just as much. While I engage in these activities often (okay maybe I run way more than I have sex, unfortunately), I do them recreationally. 

Thinking about these two favorite pastimes, I dug a bit deeper and wondered if running or any type of cardio activity for that matter holds a direct link to sexual behavior. Did you know that when women breast feed and/or have sex, it creates a powerful stimuli that is called Oxytocin. It's an addictive bonding hormone that keeps you wanting more. It is said that it reduces anxiety and escalates a romantic attachment - Be careful ladies - That one night stand just might make you swoon, and leave you wondering why you fell for the guy in the first place. A very powerful hormone indeed.    

And what about running. We all know that fabulous runner's high, or endorphin rush we obtain after we hit the pavement or the trails. Endorphins - Yet again another natural chemical the body provides so that we can feel the stimulation of pleasure. Who knew our bodies could create such natural high's!      

I certainly feel that running helps curb my sexual appetite just a tad. Yes I do have a higher libido than many a woman of my age, but certainly not most. Running helps me to not sleep with every suitor that calls upon my doorstep (thank goodness). When I am in a relationship however, I do find that when I am in a jam packed training schedule, instead of being tired, I am still ready to engage in bedroom behavior. And a bonus - that is more calories burned for the day! 

On the opposite spectrum there are those who aren't quite the sexual deviant that I am, and have no desire for sexual interactions. Finding an activity that will provide an endorphin rush like running, or a spin class, helps the blood flow throughout the body creating a more positive desire for sex. A no brainer I know and perhaps nothing you haven't already heard before, but I truly believe that running and sex combined (not at the same time mind you..Well, maybe. If your into that) is a mutually beneficial partnership. Having a healthy sex life will improve your endurance and fitness level. Engaging in a cardio activity three to five times per week will boost that sexual desire of yours regardless of where it stands.
Curious to how running and sex play a part in your daily routine? Do you feel that you are more sexual after a hardcore run or less? Do you agree that both activities are a good fit, or do you feel one does not affect the other?  I realize some of you aren't quite as open as I am, and don't want to leave a comment. I completely respect that and have provided an anonymous survey to fill out. Oh just humor me and do it! ;)
Sexy Endorphin Survey

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