When all else fails...

Coming home from Island life is quite the adjustment I will admit, but I had no idea of the emotional baggage I would be bringing back with me. I guess you would say I am going through a rough patch. I will get through it I know, but being the impatient person that I am, I can’t seem to get through it fast enough.

Lately I have been stressed out about my job, and I will refrain from saying anything further on the topic. My love life which of recent has proved to be non-existent and finally my family. My grandma, who I am very close to being her only grandchild fell and suffered a blood clot to her brain. At first she was fine - Worried that she would not be able to make her hair appointment, but as the blood started to spread within her brain she fell  into a coma-like state and then passed away. Emotion comes in waves and I feel how one might if they were diagnosed Bi-Polar. My friends have been a wonderful support, but even with all their love and cheers, I have never felt more alone. It’s funny, I always thought that when you lose someone close to you, time suddenly stops, but as you very well know - it keeps on going. And it’s hard to keep up at times.
Grandma and I - Summer 2010
But when all else fails….I run.  And then I feel better. Perhaps it’s the fresh air that fills my lungs. Perhaps it’s hitting those inspirational trails that allow me to take in all the beauty mother nature displays. Or maybe it is the endorphin rush that helps me cope with it all. While others hit the bottle when depressed, I hit the pavement. While some close themselves off to the world, I try to embrace it with open arms. Everyone deals with death differently and this is the way I cope. I run. Oh, and I write, and I express myself creatively! I wear my emotions on my sleeve. And while this might be a clear indication as to why I am still single, I have to let it all out. I promise you the reader that if you hang on until the next post, I will return back to the regularly scheduled programming, and I thank you for reading! Life is amazing and I don’t want to ever look back and regret it.

Therapy Run indeed

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