Monday, March 28, 2011

Off the beaten path

I have experienced so much loss within such a short period of time it amazes me that I have not gone mad…Or madder anyway. I am trying to maintain my usual happy disposition, but it can be so very challenging at times. With the loss of three influential grown-ups from my childhood within the month, and a few light bulb switching on moments, I have lost motivation. I keep running though. I would be lying if I said there are those days where I find it hard to roll out of bed and hit the trails, but of course running with friends seems to help immensely, and I am happy for the support.

Always being one  that lives for adventure, I found something else that makes me happy. Going off the beaten path. En route to my folks house off Highway 99 in California, I pulled off into a small farm town and ran a couple of miles. I would have liked to have ran more but I had my cat Tsuki in the car with me, who I might add is a great traveling companion despite being a cat. No, he really is!   
Tsuki my traveling cat!
Anyway, back to the running, I took off running through muddy orchids and gravel paths. Sure it might have been private property, but no one said anything to me. Actually I didn’t see one person at all. Which, I have to admit was a bit scary. Having watched too many horror flicks, I hold a fear of inbreds. I know it sounds silly, but I can’t help what I fear.
With my over active imagination, I visioned inbreds coming through from the trees ready for an attack.
Chickens - Well, they could have been inbreds!
I wondered if I would be able to out run an inbred and of course this thought made me pick up my pace. I did have my pepper spray The Jogger on me, but I still was not comforted. What did comfort me however was the empowerment of running alone and exploring a new place where I had never been.

Stumbled upon a random body of water =Awesomeness!
Exploring is certainly not foreign to me as I don’t care to run on the same old hum drum paths that I am oh to familiar with. I get bored easily, and this quick detour reminded me that I indeed live for the thrill of adventure! Thus, I keep extra running clothes in my car for I am always ready to drive off the beaten path to run, explore, and experience a road less traveled.

Back on the road - Look what I saw! :)


Val said...

Difficult things often seem to happen in threes, don't they? So you should be good for a while since you already had 3 losses. I hope you continue to recover and I'm sure running will help! Sounds like a great run and I love the double rainbow!

Domestic Kate said...

I have a fear of inbreds too! I always thought about that when I had to drive out in the country for a previous job--what if my car breaks down and I'm picked up by sick, murderous hill people??

Anyway, I think it's awesome that you stopped and went for a run. I've never thought about doing that, but it's a great idea. My husband and I have a cross-country move (again) coming up later this year, and I'm thinking we might need to go out exploring like this on our trip.

Average A said...

This run looks so amazing! I'm jealous that your cat is a traveling cat!! My cat FREAKSSS out in the car. I have to keep him in a carrier, and he cries the whole time!!

Sugar Magnolia said...

I'm sorry you've had so much loss so quickly. xoxo

carlybananas said...

I'm not going to lie, I just squealed DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!

Also, a more appropriate comment is sorry for your losses.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Sorry for your loss. It's never easy, and puts some perspective on how precious life is.

Sometimes you have to get outside your comfort zone to experience growth. Nice run.

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