Off the beaten path

I have experienced so much loss within such a short period of time it amazes me that I have not gone mad…Or madder anyway. I am trying to maintain my usual happy disposition, but it can be so very challenging at times. With the loss of three influential grown-ups from my childhood within the month, and a few light bulb switching on moments, I have lost motivation. I keep running though. I would be lying if I said there are those days where I find it hard to roll out of bed and hit the trails, but of course running with friends seems to help immensely, and I am happy for the support.

Always being one  that lives for adventure, I found something else that makes me happy. Going off the beaten path. En route to my folks house off Highway 99 in California, I pulled off into a small farm town and ran a couple of miles. I would have liked to have ran more but I had my cat Tsuki in the car with me, who I might add is a great traveling companion despite being a cat. No, he really is!   
Tsuki my traveling cat!
Anyway, back to the running, I took off running through muddy orchids and gravel paths. Sure it might have been private property, but no one said anything to me. Actually I didn’t see one person at all. Which, I have to admit was a bit scary. Having watched too many horror flicks, I hold a fear of inbreds. I know it sounds silly, but I can’t help what I fear.
With my over active imagination, I visioned inbreds coming through from the trees ready for an attack.
Chickens - Well, they could have been inbreds!
I wondered if I would be able to out run an inbred and of course this thought made me pick up my pace. I did have my pepper spray The Jogger on me, but I still was not comforted. What did comfort me however was the empowerment of running alone and exploring a new place where I had never been.

Stumbled upon a random body of water =Awesomeness!
Exploring is certainly not foreign to me as I don’t care to run on the same old hum drum paths that I am oh to familiar with. I get bored easily, and this quick detour reminded me that I indeed live for the thrill of adventure! Thus, I keep extra running clothes in my car for I am always ready to drive off the beaten path to run, explore, and experience a road less traveled.

Back on the road - Look what I saw! :)

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