Donut Run

I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning. I normally wouldn’t wake so early unless of course I was racing, but today I made an exception. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 2nd Annual Donut run hosted by Punk Rock Racing.

We started at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. While everyone went at their own distance/pace some crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. I however did not feel very bridgey and turned around at the start of the bridge.

And like always, I started day dreaming,  ran past the park area where I was to turn and had to reroute. Luckily I didn’t go too much out of the way where I was able get my directionally dysfunctional self back on the right path. And happy I did! Back at the Ferry building we all regrouped and ate delicious vegan doughnuts from Pebbles and cupcakes from that Naomi brought.  

Super Cute!

From Lft to Rht: Alyssa, Aron, Karin, Naomi, Ron, Layla, Sandra, Steve, me, Amy

 It was so good to see Alyssa and Naomi again as well as connect with other awesome runners who I had only known electronically. I couldn’t ask for a better morning really and look forward to future donut runs to come!

Twins - Sandra & Naomi
Alyssa and I

Layla & Steve

Karin & Ron

Ron and I. So awesome to finally meet him in person
I even got an awesome tech shirt! Love love how it fits!
Check out the cool swag Ron was generous enough to give to each of us! Love the colors -Shocked I know!

Thank you again Punk Rock Racing for a beautiful day with fabulous company, yummy treats, and some fantastic swag!!

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