Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double Knotted

Mermaid Run East Bay  - What an awesome race to be a part of; Fantastic swag, well organized, pancake breakfast, with a very energetic emcee - what was not to love!

Also, I had a quite a few friends new, and old participating in the event, so it was fun to hang out with them pre and post race as everyone was running a different race.

I'm the dumb ass that didn't do laundry hence why I am not wearing our team shirt!
Post Race Keri & Shannon

I ran the 5k. It had been quite some time since I ran a 5k where I was actually competing. Yes, I ran a 5k race on Easter with my Runner's Club DSE Runners, and those hills slowed me down immensely, so I knew from the beginning it was just going to be a fun run! The Mermaid 5k promised a fairly flat and fast course around Quarry Lake in Fremont, Ca which was half pavement, half gravel/dirt. The temperatures had dropped quite a bit from the heat wave we had been experiencing, and there were definitely some high winds. No big deal I thought, I have been running in wind, it won't be a bother at all - Ha!

At the start line I noticed that one of my friend's kept tying her shoes. I looked down at mine and thought  I was pretty confident in my shoe tying abilities. I don't need to tie them again. The gun went off and as always I took off far faster than I should. I was feeling a bit off, and felt like I wanted to puke, but passed that off as nerves and continued to run fast. I was tied in 2nd with another gal as we were at the same pace. As I reached the 1/2 mile I saw two strings flying in the air around my shoe. Yep - Wouldn't you know my laces came un-tied. I cursed and pulled over to the side. Two people passed me as I tried to get my clumsy fingers to tie those darn laces! Then I was back up and sprinting to catch up. I did catch up with the gal that I had originally paced with, and saw two others just ahead of us. Not bad I thought. Still going strong even with feelings of nausea. Then once again, a bit after the mile and a half mark, my shoelaces came untied! The gal that I was neck and neck with actually pointed it out and back to the side I went to tie up yet again. Two more people passed me! I was up and running, but this time felt a bit defeated! My pacing was off, and I felt like I wanted to throw up everything I had eaten in the last 48 hours and of course at the turn around, I was now running against a wind tunnel. Perhaps some might think that I use this term in exaggeration, but I can assure you this time that was not the case. I have mentioned this on a daily mile post once in the past, but I felt like I was running in place. Other 5k runner's who had not yet met the turn-around were cheering me on yelling that I was almost there, and I was in six place! Yes! My favorite number is six so if it was not in the stars for me to win this 5k event, I would happily take six. However, upon crossing the finish line, I discovered otherwise. 

Finally met the fabulously awesome Kristen from the dailymile
I had three goals for this race: To PR, to finish in the top 10 overall, and to Age Group Place. I managed to achieve two out of three goals so not too shabby. I really have to learn not to be so hard on myself. My official time was 24:41 (my not so proud moment) finishing in 7th place overall out of 402 runners (One person apparently ran by me so fast I missed them) and placed third in my age group. I never did end up puking so that is another win I suppose. With my training in the last six months focusing on long distance endurance, it's evident that I need to build up my 5k speed as my time is nowhere near where it once was. See, I told you I am hard on myself!
Overall, I left the race happy, and had a great time.

Also, randomly met Dave from the dailymile who was not running but cheering on his friend.   
Swag bag
Finishers necklace - Front
Finishers necklace - Back
3rd Place goodies include a Sweaty Bands and Sports Basement Gift Card - WOOT!!


sugarmagnolia70 said...

Nice race! I hate laces trouble, but my new laces (the wavy ones) never untie now. Congrats on a great race!

Average A said...

Nice work! Now I wish i did it -- that necklace is SWEET!

Great race, podium finisher. :)

Jessica said...

YAY!! I love the post! It was great to see you and run a race (even thought we did different distances)together again.
I am curious about the finishers, however. I think their results were off, because I there were very few who passed me that looked to be in my age group, yet I came in 21st? The meant that everyone ahead of me must have been at least 35. Hmmmmmm, this must be why it's not an 'official' race.

naomi said...

I love the Mermaid races, I'm so sad to have missed this one. That being said, Congrats on a FANTASTIC race, friend! What a great performance! And I'm so jealous that you got to meet Kristen.

See you at B2B?

Keri said...

So much wind the finish post came crashing down and barely missed hitting one of the race coordinators. Yikes! Btw, I never did get a cute bag like you guys got. :(

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