Double Knotted

Mermaid Run East Bay  - What an awesome race to be a part of; Fantastic swag, well organized, pancake breakfast, with a very energetic emcee - what was not to love!

Also, I had a quite a few friends new, and old participating in the event, so it was fun to hang out with them pre and post race as everyone was running a different race.

I'm the dumb ass that didn't do laundry hence why I am not wearing our team shirt!
Post Race Keri & Shannon

I ran the 5k. It had been quite some time since I ran a 5k where I was actually competing. Yes, I ran a 5k race on Easter with my Runner's Club DSE Runners, and those hills slowed me down immensely, so I knew from the beginning it was just going to be a fun run! The Mermaid 5k promised a fairly flat and fast course around Quarry Lake in Fremont, Ca which was half pavement, half gravel/dirt. The temperatures had dropped quite a bit from the heat wave we had been experiencing, and there were definitely some high winds. No big deal I thought, I have been running in wind, it won't be a bother at all - Ha!

At the start line I noticed that one of my friend's kept tying her shoes. I looked down at mine and thought  I was pretty confident in my shoe tying abilities. I don't need to tie them again. The gun went off and as always I took off far faster than I should. I was feeling a bit off, and felt like I wanted to puke, but passed that off as nerves and continued to run fast. I was tied in 2nd with another gal as we were at the same pace. As I reached the 1/2 mile I saw two strings flying in the air around my shoe. Yep - Wouldn't you know my laces came un-tied. I cursed and pulled over to the side. Two people passed me as I tried to get my clumsy fingers to tie those darn laces! Then I was back up and sprinting to catch up. I did catch up with the gal that I had originally paced with, and saw two others just ahead of us. Not bad I thought. Still going strong even with feelings of nausea. Then once again, a bit after the mile and a half mark, my shoelaces came untied! The gal that I was neck and neck with actually pointed it out and back to the side I went to tie up yet again. Two more people passed me! I was up and running, but this time felt a bit defeated! My pacing was off, and I felt like I wanted to throw up everything I had eaten in the last 48 hours and of course at the turn around, I was now running against a wind tunnel. Perhaps some might think that I use this term in exaggeration, but I can assure you this time that was not the case. I have mentioned this on a daily mile post once in the past, but I felt like I was running in place. Other 5k runner's who had not yet met the turn-around were cheering me on yelling that I was almost there, and I was in six place! Yes! My favorite number is six so if it was not in the stars for me to win this 5k event, I would happily take six. However, upon crossing the finish line, I discovered otherwise. 

Finally met the fabulously awesome Kristen from the dailymile
I had three goals for this race: To PR, to finish in the top 10 overall, and to Age Group Place. I managed to achieve two out of three goals so not too shabby. I really have to learn not to be so hard on myself. My official time was 24:41 (my not so proud moment) finishing in 7th place overall out of 402 runners (One person apparently ran by me so fast I missed them) and placed third in my age group. I never did end up puking so that is another win I suppose. With my training in the last six months focusing on long distance endurance, it's evident that I need to build up my 5k speed as my time is nowhere near where it once was. See, I told you I am hard on myself!
Overall, I left the race happy, and had a great time.

Also, randomly met Dave from the dailymile who was not running but cheering on his friend.   
Swag bag
Finishers necklace - Front
Finishers necklace - Back
3rd Place goodies include a Sweaty Bands and Sports Basement Gift Card - WOOT!!

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