Race Rituals

I have a friend who insists that every time she goes to a Bears game and wears her jersey, her team loses. Another friend insists that if he watches the Sharks game anywhere else than at a certain bar, the team will only make one goal for the night. Just like the fans, athletes also follow strange quirks..

As an athlete, dare I call myself one? Still feels like a fabrication of sorts - I find I have become quite irratic with my pre-race rituals. In fact I have been told by friends who love me dearly, that I seem at times to go overboard. Can you imagine? Oh what we do for the power to influence our own personal performances? So without further adieu - Here are my pre-race quirks…Or rather rituals. In no particular order.

I confess I didn't pay for the picture but that is me in black w/ sunglasses leading the pack. Do my rituals really help with my performance or is it all in my mind? I'd like to think it does.

It might get pricey yes - But I always buy a new pair of socks before each race.

Speaking of feet, I never get a pedicure right before a race no matter how ugly my toes appear. I need my feet rough and tough. It's also amazing to get a foot massage post race. So relaxing!

I wear a toe ring on my left second toe always. I never take it off, and I fear that if I did, my toe would fall off along with the many toenails I have lost.

No eating meat a week before a race. While I am not a vegetarian anymore, I have this silly notion that if I stay away from meat, it will make me lighter and faster. I have just recently started eating fish and taking iron pills.

I don't drink alcohol before a race. Not even one sip of that cold red ale that sits so lovingly calling my name. Post race - It’s that much better when it hits my lips!

I give myself a rest the day before a race and substitute my obsession of running with Yoga. Good for the mind, body, and soul but of course! Also, it does indeed help loosen those cranky joints of mine.

The week before a race I don’t shower - Just kidding. I wanted to make sure you were paying attention. I do shower I really do! Don’t start spreading rumors now.

The morning of the race I have a glass of Smart Water mixed in with either EmergenC or Hammer Heed combined with Chia seeds. 

I Carb load two days before the big event. Lot’s of fruits and veggies combined with a regular dose of carbs the day before.

No sex. Ha - Not! But maybe I should try it and see if it would enhance my performance -Racing I mean!

Instead of foam roller I use a golf ball to get out those last minute kinks. I find the ball more effective on relieving those stress points.

So that’s it really. I am very strict about following my regime. Of course I would love to hear what your rituals or superstitions are as I can always take on some more! Please do share, and as always - Happy Running!

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