Runderful Weekend

Running was the theme of this weekend past and I bet you are super surprised to read such! What a great two days!

On Saturday I awoke at 5am and got myself out the door to drive  to the North Bay, which is an hour in a half away from where I live, in order to volunteer for the Double Dipsea. Surely you have heard of the famous Dipsea? This race is exactly the same course as the Dipsea, except it is out and back. The Double Dipsea is put on by my running club, The San Francisco Dolphin Southend Runners. Since I was not running this race, I did not have that initial adrenaline rushing through my veins, and I needed coffee. After making a quick stop for a cup of Joe, I was en route. Sadly, my coffee spilled all over my car before I had a chance to benefit from the rush of that glorious caffeine. I was already running late, so unfortunately I skipped the coffee.

What a wonderful experience despite the lack of caffine - Giving back to the community I love so much certainly is a great feeling. I helped pass out water and Ultima (I never want to say this word out loud again) at the first, which was also the last, aid station called Insult Hill. I hoped I lifted some of the runners spirits as they came running past. I tried to shout encouraging words at each and every one of them for I knew how they felt. Dipsea is no easy course. Make it a double and it is very challenging indeed. The other volunteers at Insult Hill were amazing. Though they were years above me, I got to hear such wonderful stories of when they ran the Dipsea and the double back in their hay days. They were all very inspiring and I cherished the time I spent with them. 
Overall this was a great experience as I got an opportunity to be behind the scenes at the Double Dipsea, which is definitely on my bucket list to run…Maybe next year?

Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to meet some beautifully talented Bay Area bloggers who write about what else? Running of course! 
Katie, Alyssa, Layla
We met up in the cute town of Danville where we all grouped off and ran our own paces and distances. I ran eight miles all together. The first four were strong and happy. The last four were slow and crampy. I had some major stomach issues, but powered though. We all met back up at Peets for a bit of socializing. While I was not able to chat with every girl, I am very excited to read about their running adventures and hopefully meet up to go running with them again soon!  A big shout out goes to Aron who organized such a fun event!

Me, Naomi, Page, Kristen,Caitlin, Kerry, Layla, Beth, Courtney, Alyssa, Tara, Audrey, Jana, Katie, Megan, Aron

Me, Courtney, Alyssa, Aron, Cate, Layla,

So that was my Runderful weekend! What did you do? Don't leave anything out for this inquiring mind wants to know! 

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