Running in State Parks

I am in the Yellow headband towards the front
I participated in the Henry Coe Hunting Hollow 5k race last weekend. This trail race is unique because you tromp through several bodies of water 
 knee to waist high throughout the duration of the course. My goal was to place 1st female overall and win the trophy that was presented. But alas, a gal my senior was far faster than I, and I gracefully placed 7th overall, 2nd female, and 1st in my age group. I did get a gold plated medal and I am happy. My time was far from PR status, but I'm not worried too much about that!

This is the second year I have participated in the event. I really like this race. Yes, the course is beautiful, with sycamores and wildflowers aplenty. Running through water is not only challenging, but exciting, for I didn’t mind getting my feet wet!

A sprint to the finish as I look like a tard!
Sadly, this might be the last year I will participate. My registration fee went to help save the park from closing down. Seventy state parks including Henry Coe are on the D list to be shut down due to a $22 million general fund budget cuts. The list includes 25% of those parks that are located in the Bay Area where I reside. How devastating! These are the parks I visit to run, hike, and explore. It is at these parks that I am able to escape from the hectic hustle of silicon valley life and enjoy mother nature for all that she has to offer.

All the beauty of a state park!
 The media claims that one of the biggest problems Americans face is leading a sedentary lifestyle and not being active enough. Closing down these parks certainly won’t help this issue much will it? I would be more than happy to pay a fee each time I frequent these parks as a way to prevent closures.

I plan to take action by writing my local legislators an electronic letter telling them that I do not support the closure of state parks. If you live in California and are just as passionate as I in regards to this issue, you can also write them at For those who live out of state, are your parks in trouble? What are you doing to save them? Let’s combine forces and take a stand to save all those beautiful trails that we so love to run on!

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