Waterfront property.
Four day weekends are great aren’t they? This past fourth of July weekend especially so! As a Social Media consultant I am constantly on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Personally and professionally I have electronically met so many wonderful people and networked with the cream of the crop. But like all things, I needed a break. And thus, I stepped away from the computer and all things electronic.

After taking care of some family affairs, I hit the road and headed out for a weekend of camping. I went to Sly Park where I ran nine miles around the lake and then jumped into it. I was able to do some kayaking and lot’s of swimming. I was quite proud of myself as I turned my phone off. The only time I turned it back on was to input my miles on the dailymile. So, technically, I cheated. But, since I use the dailymile for training purposes, I allowed myself this one slip. 

Kurt Vonnegut once quoted; “Electronic communities build nothing. You wind up with nothing. How beautiful it is to go out and do something.” 

While I don’t agree entirely with this thought, it was nice to not be at the mercy of electronic devices. I will admit that I did feel like something was missing, as I kept thinking about what was happening in Twitterville, or what pictures were being posted on Facebook. I didn’t even use Banjo to see if there were any active people swimming or fishing at a campsite nearby. 

Caught this picture of people fishing through the trees on my trail run around the lake.

That’s the beauty of being an outdoor enthusiast and a runner. While the computer and mobile devices constantly surround me, I cherish those moments where I am outside, relishing in the sunlight, taking time to smell the roses and breathing that fresh mountain air. 

Disconnect. Reboot. Recharge.

Do you find it hard to unplug? Or are you the opposite and stay away from the computer as much as possible?

On the 4th I ran The Santa Cruz Firecracker and placed 3rd in my AG.
After the race I spent the day in Santa Cruz on a boat with some fabulous people.

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