I get by with a little help from my Friends

Sometimes I don’t feel like running. Some days I have lost that loving feeling...That oomph…That kick when I run. And sometimes while running I just have a horrible no good very bad day.
But most days, I am happy with my run results. And it seems I am the most satisfied when I run with friends! Yes, I am a social runner! 

Who else is going to be there to push me along, provide good conversation, or even an unplanned therapy session full of positive words and great advice? All running advice of course! ;) 

I am very happy with my long run results this training cycle. In fact, this Sunday past I met up and ran with some amazing runners, and it was my best long run since I began training. No, it wasn’t the longest, but it certainly was the fastest and over all felt really good. No slowing down towards the end on this run, no sir (especially since I was running with Katie who really gave me that push). In fact – I ran my last two miles of  that 16.5 run the fastest. I had no idea I had it in me. And I love seeing the progression of my runs. It’s a wonderful feeling really and I have my friends new and old to thank for that. Whether they are those I run with on the weekdays or my weekend warrior buddies, each and every one of them are such an inspiration. I am so appreciative to have such a wonderful running community in my life.

Top Left to Right - Courtney, Karin, Layla, Me in case you didn't recognize, Naomi, RoadBunner, Bottom Left to Right -Alyssa, XLMIC, Katie
Sunday Runday in Tiburon, Ca. So many paparazzi we didn't know where to look. 

Showing off our new skirts!

And if you are wondering, I always write my blogs immediately after a run where I have yet to come down from that runner’s high. So, yes – I admit I am high as a kite as I write this post…And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Beautiful. Overcast yes - But great running weather!

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