Runniversary Giveaway

August marks my two-year Runniversary! I have come so far in such a short period of time. It’s amazing to think that I started running because one day I was bored - I hit the pavement, ran six miles with an awesome group of girls, and have never stopped since! Who knew that turning the dirty Thirty could be more just a number? It’s a milestone really! My milestone.
In high school, while I danced and participated in gymnastics, I was never that girl who was very athletic. I was ALWAYS chosen last for team sports. It never failed. Well look at me now, suckas! Race you!

Okay, so I might still be coming off that runner’s high from my run earlier today, but still I am excited! When I first ran those six miles, I thought, “I will only stick to running 5 and 10k’s. Long distance is not for me”. And then a friend bought me an entry to my first half marathon for my birthday and there went that pledge! I was hooked. Never mind the fact that my weakness is long distance running, I still love it! I ran my first marathon a year later and I am soon to run my 2nd - Only eight months after my 1st. Craziness!

To celebrate my two year Runniversary (I think I just like saying Runniversary. Runniversary…Runniversary…Okay I am done), I put together a gift basket full of my favorite running snacks and fuel plus a few bonus items that I want to share with one of you!  

If you want this basket O' goodies simply leave a comment on this post telling me when your Runniversary (there’s that word again) was/is and how long you have been running. For you non – running folks out there, leave me a comment about something that you are passionate about. It could be anything, and how long you have been doing it for.

Extra entries to those who:

  • Follow my blog
  • Retweet this post

And of course let me know you have done so.
One lucky winner will be chosen randomly using an electronic generator next Friday August 19th.

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck and as always – Happy Running!

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