Dress Rehearsal

In a past post Running on a Stage, I compared how running a race was very similar to performing on a stage. Last Friday, I am happy to inform you that I had my “dress rehearsal’ before the curtain goes up and I am off running in my second marathon - The Half Moon Bay International Marathon.

For this dress rehearsal, I ran 21 miles. My body felt fatigued and at the last mile I wondered why people tortured themselves to run such distances. I also perhaps should not have crammed in my long run so close to a double day. Collapsing on the grass is how I ended my run, where the cords of the endorphin symphony started to play that sweet melody. I looked at my Garmin, jumped off the grass and literally did the happy dance. I had ran my fastest 21 miles yet! Not to be repetitive by any means, but my goal is to run my next marathon in a sub 4. The course holds some technical trails mixed in with one pretty steep hill so I am trying to be realistic with what I can achieve. I had no idea however that I could achieve running 21 miles in 3:03 at an 8:43 pace. Especially since this training cycle has been short and sweet.

Mile Splits

1: 8:36
2: 8:28
3: 8:29
4: 8:39
5: 8:35
6: 8:48
7: 8:32
8: 8:33
9: 8:50 (I think there were a bit of rolling hills mixed in)
10: 8:37
11: 8:32
12: 8:43
13: 8:46
14: 8:47 (More Hammer Gel consumption)
15: 8:42
16: 8:49
17: 8:52
18: 9:04 (So tired)
19: 8:53 (Goal was to keep the pace under 9)
20: 8:53
21: 8:59 (It’s still under 9! ;))

My long distance confidence is boosting and here are the reasons why I think such:

I am running each of my runs at my desired marathon pace or faster. To get faster you have to run faster right? The only time I slow down is when I am running with friends who are at a slower pace than I and I want to socialize, or I am listening to my body and run easy.

Adding a double day into my weekly training schedule has certainly taught me how to run on tired legs. I love double days! Breaking up the mileage with a nice long intermission in between is my preference. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this in an actual marathon race? I started out weeks ago running four miles in the AM and repeat in the PM. Each week I would increase the mileage until I got up to 8 in the AM and PM. This double day however would not be considered my long run. I still needed to get that build of being on my feet for long periods of time without taking that lengthy break in between.

I ran with friends who are faster than me. I did a good amount of my training with Katie and some with Jessica. These amazing chicks are fast and they inspired me to push past my limits and run like I have never run before. I am so grateful to have such fabulous running buddies.

So there it is. Just a few tweaks in my training and I already feel and see the improvements.

As I am confident with my dress rehearsal performance, I know a lot can happen during the main event. I will expect the unexpected, run a good hard race, put in 110% effort into it, have fun, and see what happens. Curtain goes up on September 25th!

As a reward I headed to Dillon Beach for an overnighter to celebrate a couple of friends Birthdays!

And while everyone went for a walk, I took some well earned me time! :)

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