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Thanks to Alyssa for taking this picture of me running in my hood at the Norcal Half Mary.
For the time being my spirits have been lifted and I am ready to run my 2nd Marathon! I am excited and nervous. It’s but a few days away and already I find my self tossing and turning the night away. But I am ready! Er…at least I think I am ready. I have been packing my invisible Marathon Prepare kit all week and here is what I have included:

Yes that is a jar of Chia seeds. I put them in my food when I cook, or enjoy chia smoothies mixed in with a variety of yummy fruits. These black and white seeded super foods hold two times the protein of any other seed or grain. It also has calcium, potassium, antioxidants of those found in blueberries, iron, omega-3 and omega-6. There are so many benefits, but the best one for me is the fact that this tiny seed absorbs and retains water, thus helping to prolong hydration and retain electrolytes. Win! Ch Ch Ch Chia! 

I use Espresso Hammer Gels as fuel on the course. They really do give me that push! But sometimes they can be thick and hard to swallow (And that’s what she said) so I alternate between Hammer Espresso Gels and Honey Stinger Gels. Honey Stinger Gels taste super yummy and go down quite nicely.

Pre-race breakfast is hard to eat at say, oh four in the morning. I really had to train myself to eat so early. My breakfast usually consists of coffee, a whole wheat waffle w/ peanut butter and a hard boiled egg. I also try to drink a few sips of Gatorade, but sometimes I just have the thought, and this is good enough for me.

I love spice! Yesterday I experimented with Sriracha Deviled eggs. I added chia and Basil to the mix. While I won’t be eating these spicy devils the morning of a race, I highly recommend them if you like spice and eggs just as much as I do.

I bought new socks! Before each race I buy a new pair of socks. Feetures Elite are awesome! They are amazing to put on. They really fit the foot quite nicely and have a bit of support that feels so nice when I get my running shoes on. I feel like my feet are getting massaged with every step that I take. No lie. If I could marry socks these would be the ones I choose! 

My running outfit is all set…Hey I am a planner what can I say. Sometimes when I go on trips I pack over a week in advance…So basically I pack to unpack to pack. Because I forgot what I had packed in the first place…I just want to make sure I didn’t forget anything. 

And speaking of clothes - If I may vent for just a moment – When does the color red come into season for Women’s running clothes? Sheesh! I have waited over a year and while I have found some pieces here and there that I have picked up – I want options dammit! I look great in red! So please – if you’re reading this and you design running clothes, please start making them in red. And not this Watermelon crap that almost looks pink. No thanks, I will pass. I want cherry red or even crimson! That is all on that subject. So demanding I know!

Hydration naturally is important. I love Smartwater and other waters that hold electrolytes. I feel smarter when I drink it of course. I also drink the Zico Coconut Water. Though I can’t drink it just plain, I usually go for the pineapple and mango flavors. I have yet to try the chocolate. Very exciting as the Half Moon Bay International Marathon will indeed be passing out Zico Coconut water upon crossing the finish line! Bonus.

So there you have it! I am prepped and ready to run! I am certain I left a few things out, but I do have a past post that talks about some of my quirky Race Rituals if you are interested of course. 

What do you pack in your Marathon or Race Prepare Kit that helps you get ready for the big day?   
Tell me! Tell me! And don’t leave anything out!

Half Moon Bay here I am come!

Tsuki Contemplating running the marathon with me.

And....Maybe not!

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