That Something

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, or years even when nothing seems to be going right? Where no matter how hard you try, you just keep spiraling downward into a hole.
Welcome to my world. Nothing I seem to do or say seems to be working out as of late…The only thing I have control over in my life right now is running! Thank F’in goodness, I have control over something or I might just go crazy….If I’m not there already anyway.

I know you look at me and see a smiling face and energetic personality, but the truth is, things are hard right now. I won’t bore you with all the particulars, but it has been a tough year to say the least. And, yes I am having a pity party for myself, and yes I know there will be a bright side soon. I am just tired of waiting for it.

So, when all else fails – I have running to hold me up and keep me going. And I have friends and family in and outside the running community that keep me laughing. AND I have the Marathon that is five days from now to keep me focused and occupied. So things really aren’t bad I suppose.  I know they could be worse, but I continue to hold my head high even when my neck starts to hurt and all I really want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep until everything feels better again. Of course then I would miss out on all those awesome running days I have been having. ;)

So while some might call it an obsession, I say it’s my motivation. We all need that passion…that drive…That something to get us out of bed in the morning when things aren’t always butterflies and unicorns. So that’s me! And I thank you for dealing with all my morbid tweets and letting me vent on this post. It’s quite surprising how supportive the electronic community really can be!

Sunday is marathon madness where I hope to run my heart out! We shall see for I never know how my body is going to feel until I hit the pavement!

Happy Running!

Cheering up a bit post NorCal Half Marathon with Katie and Alyssa

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