Woes & Woots

It was a dark and stormy night…Okay, well not at first –
This weekend I participated in two 5k races but let’s start at the beginning shall we….

Friday night was the Palo Alto Weekly 5k Race. This race held everything I could have asked for. Action, adventure, ro…Sadly, no romance, but it was certainly action packed all just the same. Katie was running in the 10k that started at 8:15pm. I saw her off then went to the starting line where I stretched and did my other favorite activity – People watching but of course! The 5k race was set to start at 8:45 pm. The countdown had begun when all of a sudden flash lightning strikes the sky and swoosh raindrops fall upon my head. The race director instructs us to step away from the starting line that was also near power lines. I took the opportunity to head back to the finish line where I was fortunate enough to see Katie crossing it, being crowned first female finisher!

The rain and lightning were on and off for the next 45 minutes. The 5ker’s were asked to line-up yet again with the race director announcing: “We do not recommend you run this course!” A few runners dropped out at this point, but I wanted to run! I was ready. The countdown began once again only this time there was a heavy wind that practically blew everyone over. The wind was then followed by a very humid and hot air. Was this a sign? More runners took it as such and stepped away from the start. I don’t know if it was the weather or the anticipation of running, but whatever it was it turned civilized runners into complete jack asses. As the gun went off, there was complete pandemonium as everyone was scrambling and trampling on the course. The path soon narrowed and not more than a ½ mile into the race there was pace pile up. I looked at my garmin to see that I was running at a seven mile pace. I glanced up to see a little girl fall right in front of me and without time to move to the side or out of the way, I fell right over her.

Everything at this point moved in slow motion. I tried to fall in such a way as to not hurt the girl. Unfortunately I fell on my bad knee. I hit the ground and heard people around me shouting “get up, get up!” I looked above me to see a herd of runners heading right at me. I bounced up quick with fear of being trampled. Not only did I feel pain in my left leg, but my whole left side was screaming of torture. I paused but briefly thinking that I would DNF, but my legs had a mind of their own – And off I went. A windstorm once again struck at mile two where I literally felt that I was running backwards in a dryer. I managed to finish and found Katie cheering me on. How awesome it was to see a friendly face in the crowd.

While I wasn’t expecting a PR considering that my focus lately has been long distance training and with that my 5k time generally get’s slower, I did manage to finish the 3.16 mile course in 24:32 pain and weather conditions considering. I placed 4th overall in my AG and because I had endorphins mixed in with a high adrenaline rush after the race – I couldn’t get my heart to slow down and slept very little that night. Excitement around every corner, and I loved every minute of it!

Sunday I participated in the Walnut Creek Run festival. While there certainly were no big adventures to report, I was happy to run a nice peaceful race where several of my friends were also running in it to boot. With my leg still in pain, I decided I was going to run hard, but not push, even though I tend to get competitive in 5k races. So that is what I did. The course went through the quaint downtown area of Walnut Creek. It was short and sweet! With entertainment and cheerleaders cheering us on - What a treat! 

I felt good minus my gimpy leg that felt as though it was going to fall off. I crossed the finish line and was happy with my finish time of 23:21. A 7:31 average pace. Again, not a PR, but I wasn’t expecting such. I also wasn’t expecting to age place either, but I did! 3rd in my age group! Woot! Katie managed to take 1st female and 3rd overall. Page won 2nd female overall!  Jessica placed 1st in her age group as did Rosey! Beth ran a strong 5k and I think she might have even PR’d! We all got to stand on the podium for the paparazzi even! What a great morning! And so proud of everyone for running strong and speedy!
A huge thank you goes out to Aron and Kristen who helped coordinate such a fabulous event!

Kristin & Aron

Age Group awards - So awesome to share the podium with Katie

Jessica triumphs
Overall Winners Katie and Page
So there you have it. My weekend tales of 5k woes and woots! 

How did your running go this weekend?

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