Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 is the Magic Number

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me please which my next marathon will be?

I was a bit disappointed that California International Marathon was capped out, as I was going to use that race as my redemption marathon from the Half Moon Bay International that I ran almost a month ago. But alas, it was not meant to be. So let's talk marathons shall we – I am planning my next big running marathon adventure. But which will it be? So many to choose and so little time...

I do indeed have my eye on the Newport Marathon that is held in June 2012 on the Oregon coast. With a haunted lighthouse and ocean views, what is not to love? But I also want to do a marathon in the month of March. March is my birthday month you see…And yes to the world I will admit that I am turning 33 on 3/3. It makes sense that I should run my 3rd marathon on the third month of my new age, right? 3rd marathon. 3/3 in 2012. 2+1 =3. 33. I just love three’s! So which shall it be? I have narrowed it down to three (shocker) but am open to suggestions from all you marathon veterans out there.

So in no particular order I give you my list of possible marathons to run in March:

Napa Valley Marathon – I hear nothing but good things about this race. Though it might be hilly, the course no doubt will be beautiful!

Modesto Marathon – Flat and fast right? Exactly what I am seeking. I fear though, that the course might not be very inspiring.

Honda LA Marathon. – With MarathonGuide as my bible, this race does not get very good reviews. But, it was suggested to me by a friend who is also running it, and aren’t races better with friends anyway?

As you can see - 3 is indeed the magic number!  I need to make a decision fast as time is of the essence. What do you consider when choosing your next marathon? And most importantly – Which one are you running next?

Happy Running!!!!


Tricia said...

My vote goes for Napa -- it is just the day after your birthday after all. Unless you really want to make it a PR race then I suppose you need to do one of the flat ones. But Modesto just doesn't sound like fun and LA just sounds meh. So I stand by my Napa vote. ;)

Courtney (Pancakes and Postcards) said...

do napa! it sounds totally fun. though la does as well, i would love to go there for the course (used to live in LA) but i heard the organization isn't very good and it's damn expensive.

boston2berkeley said...

March is my birthday month too! I'll be doing the Oakland Half on 3/25. It does have a full marathon component, but I've heard the full course is kind of uninspiring. Of the three you've listed, I'd vote for Napa. Can't go wrong with that scenery!

SeekingBostonMarathon said...

now that's a dilemma. depends on whether you're shooting for PR, scenery or friends. I would go with the Jr. High girlfriend option; flat and fast.

stefanoSTRONG said...

Rome, march 2012! Why Not? :-D

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