3 is the Magic Number

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me please which my next marathon will be?

I was a bit disappointed that California International Marathon was capped out, as I was going to use that race as my redemption marathon from the Half Moon Bay International that I ran almost a month ago. But alas, it was not meant to be. So let's talk marathons shall we – I am planning my next big running marathon adventure. But which will it be? So many to choose and so little time...

I do indeed have my eye on the Newport Marathon that is held in June 2012 on the Oregon coast. With a haunted lighthouse and ocean views, what is not to love? But I also want to do a marathon in the month of March. March is my birthday month you see…And yes to the world I will admit that I am turning 33 on 3/3. It makes sense that I should run my 3rd marathon on the third month of my new age, right? 3rd marathon. 3/3 in 2012. 2+1 =3. 33. I just love three’s! So which shall it be? I have narrowed it down to three (shocker) but am open to suggestions from all you marathon veterans out there.

So in no particular order I give you my list of possible marathons to run in March:

Napa Valley Marathon – I hear nothing but good things about this race. Though it might be hilly, the course no doubt will be beautiful!

Modesto Marathon – Flat and fast right? Exactly what I am seeking. I fear though, that the course might not be very inspiring.

Honda LA Marathon. – With MarathonGuide as my bible, this race does not get very good reviews. But, it was suggested to me by a friend who is also running it, and aren’t races better with friends anyway?

As you can see - 3 is indeed the magic number!  I need to make a decision fast as time is of the essence. What do you consider when choosing your next marathon? And most importantly – Which one are you running next?

Happy Running!!!!

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