Race Overload

As I decided at the last minute to run in the Morgan Hill Half Marathon, I had already made up my mind to take it easy. The truth is, I am tired. My body is tired, and while this week past I ran at a 110% effort, I did take an extra day off. I didn’t however predict that when I awoke that morning of race day, I would have a horrible side cramp. Naturally I was concerned some as where my right side of my torso did in fact hurt – It could mean a number of possibilities. I wanted to run though and thought the pain would disappear by the time I took my place at the starting line.

I was wrong. It lasted the whole darn race and then some! Luckily I wasn’t running for time this one, eh? ;) The course to my surprise was beautiful as I ran through trees that passed by pastures. I saw all kinds of farm animals and heard hawks in the distance. I am an animal lover and this was certainly a thrill for me. I even enjoyed the rolling hills, which comes as a shock even to me. But they weren’t too bad! Somewhere around mile six held a beautiful view of the dam and, with the wind blowing through my hair, I thought; now this is what running is all about! I was happy despite my right side, and kept on striding away. Cue in mile eight and I felt a twinge in my knee. Something I have not experienced in quite some time. That twinge grew right through to my whole leg. So there I was – Running a beautiful course with my right side cramp and my gimpy left leg.

I will admit I thought about DNFing – I had never done this before, and honestly, the fact that I was to receive a dual medal at the finish line kept me going. What I do for swag, eh? Yes, I had also participated in the Norcal Half Marathon. And since the organizers also put on the Morgan Hill event, they offer a dual medal for those who run both. 

So cool! And speaking of the organizers, I have to say, hats off to a really well organized event for both races actually! Communication is prompt. They have no issues transferring bibs, or courses at the last minute, and they serve beer and burritos at the finish line!!

Anyway, back on track – I finished the race in 1:55:45. This was my slowest road Half Mary this year. I am shocked that I managed to finish with that time really. But I did, and I immediately checked in to First Aid to make sure my cramp was not appendicitis. (I worry about these things). 

Still managed to finish with all smiles posing w/ my medals
Overall, it was a lovely way to get a workout in while enjoying the views. I did not care however for the fact that some of the course at times was running with ongoing traffic. For a runner like me who can’t run in a straight line and drifts a lot, I certainly was very cautious, as it was a bit scary to be so close to the passing cars. 
My friend Mark still able to stand after popping his Marathon cherry running the Morgan Hill full.
I was thinking of doing another Half Mary next weekend, but my body may need a rest from all these races I have been doing lately. Yes, the last two I took it easy, but the mixture of the crowds and pre race stress has certainly played a toll. Also, I would like to try and get a PR at the Big Sur Half Marathon that is quickly approaching next month. The only thing with not running a race next weekend is that I wouldn’t get my third moon (moving up to the next level) for Half Fanatic status. It sounds silly I know. I suppose I need to focus on what is more important to me - Moving up in Half Fanatic world, or getting a PR….I think it’s a no brainer really. But you never  know with me….I seem to surprise myself even!

Do you ever feel the effects of running too many races in a row?

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