The Race Spectator

It’s been a little over a week since the Half Moon Bay Marathon, and while I am seven pounds lighter, I feel great! I took it easy on my mileage and ate some yummy foods. Did I say ate? I meant gorge! It has been a good recovery week all just the same.

A few weeks back I was given a free race entry into the San Jose Rock & Roll Half Marathon. It was quite a grueling decision, but in the end I gratefully declined, as I was not sure how I would feel just a week after running a marathon.

Since so many of my friends were running in the big event, I decided to go out and be a spectator for once. It was a bonus that the course also ran through my neighborhood. In addition to spectating, I also helped pace a friend which I found even more rewarding than volunteering!
From my house, I ran two miles to the seven in a half mile marker to cheer on the fasties and await my friend’s arrival. I was lucky enough to see the first runner, Meb Keflezighi minutes ahead of the pack turn the corner! I saw Jessica W. run a damn good race where she managed to PR. I regret not seeing Dennis where he also PR’d and missed some other running buddies like Courtney, Audrey who was also celebrating her birthday (many hugs to you my dear), Kristen, and -  that list goes on for infinity and beyond! For the friends I did manage to see on the course, was truly a great experience seeing their smiling happy faces! Can’t beat that, really!

Meb Keflezighi wins the race...Shocker I know!

Deena Kastor wins the Women's race!!!
My friend Jessica T. was right on-time of her ETA. She mentioned that she was having some major stomach issues as I joined her. I gave her a Honey Stinger gel in hopes that it would not wreck her even more and thus began to pace and motivate her throughout the course until we reached mile 11 which was around my house. It was fun to just run some of the course and not have to worry about time. I relaxed and chatted and even sang J.T songs along the way (which I am sure she really appreciated…Ha!) I am very proud of  J.T who pushed through her issues and ran strong and even managed to PR!

The gorgeous Jana strutting her stuff

Jessica T. about to chick that guy!

Shannon is all smiles!
It was a no stress morning – Exactly what I needed. Perhaps I should be a spectator more often…Wait a minute, did I just write that? I definitely want to run this race next year! Very organized, great crowd, support, fantastic bands along the course! Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend! You guys rock!

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