Thoughts on a Train

The train pauses as I sit reading. The announcer alerts all the passengers that there is going to be a delay as there is a “trespasser” and nobody is to get off the train. People in the surrounding seats wonder what that could mean. I have an ill feeling I know what that means. A quick jaunt to car Number One confirms what I already knew. There lies a body on the tracks, puddles of blood surrounding him. I couldn’t help but stare as the horrid image will now be engrained in my head. Just another day in the Bay Area sadly as this is a common occurrence.
Feeling a bit distraught, I settle back into my seat of Car Three and reflect on life. I try to think good thoughts that include Saturday’s race at the 3rd Annual Gold Rush 5k Run that also included a 10k, 10 miler, and 1 miler (What an introduction I know). 

The event is put on by a non- profit called InAlliance and the RD just happens to be my very best friend, Miss Jessica Bean. I know I might sound bias, but truly this race seems to get better and better each year. It is so awesome to have been involved from the beginning and experience all the trial and errors one goes through to organize such a spectacular race event. All courses were on the El Dorado Trail in Placerville, CA, but because of unexpected road work, the courses were changed slightly to be run on the same trail, just a different path. The 5k course was hillier as a result. The paved trails were still beautiful even when it wrapped over Hwy 50. 

The weather conditions were just right as it was not too hot, nor too cold. The only thing I had a bit of an issue with was the slight elevation change. I feel that I am more sensitive to elevation than others that I talk with and while running the course I certainly felt it as I couldn’t catch my breath.

All runners were chipped and Synergy Race Timing did an excellent job at providing accurate finish times which is always a plus.
Last year, I placed 2nd overall, although I knew that wasn’t going to happen this year. I honestly just ran the course for fun and despite being out breath with a headache I still managed to cross the finish line placing 9th overall, 3rd female, and 1st in my age group! I finished in 24:20 which by no means was my fastest 5k, but that was expected, given the elements of hills, elevation, and post marathon recovery. 

Top overall 5k Female Finishers. These HS Cross Country chicks put me to shame! Running in boots even. ;)

My college sweetheart;  Jessica! ;)
The event is also unique in the fact that after the race and award ceremony there is a raffle.. Raffle tickets are included with registration and of course you can purchase more the day of the race.  The proceeds go to InAlliance and the raffle prizes were awesome! I unfortunately didn’t win anything as I had my eye on a two-night stay at a Hilton Hotel, but I was happy to see others get excited as their tickets were drawn.

It was great to see friends and known faces as well as meet some new ones, not to mention spend the rest of the weekend hanging out with my bestie where we gorged on yummy food (shocker I know) and even sang some Karaoke at a local dive bar.

Friend Stacey finishing up the 5k with her bashful dog Bob
I met Ashley at the starting line of the 5k race. It was her first race and she placed 3rd in her AG. Pictured here with her B'friend Christopher who won the 10k race.
Volunteers from Union Mine HS Key Club were stoked that Jessica gave them two boxes full of Abba Zabba as a thank you for helping with the post race break-down and clean-up.
Post race clean up and Linda is still smiling
Life is hard and it doesn’t always go the way I would like it to, but then there are those moments of running a good race, laughing with friends, or accomplishing a task that I worked so hard to achieve to make all the bad stuff seem secondary. And because I focus on those good moments that make life worth living, I would never want to throw myself in front of train and have it all just end. I feel for that unknown person though. And four hours later, I am transported to a different train where my travels home resume and I am reminded to be in the moment of everything I do, and take nothing for granted!

View from Sudwerk Brewery in Folsom, Ca
What post race celebration wouldn't be complete without these!

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