Running on Water

Since my last marathon I have not been training at full capacity. Judge me if you will, but I have used these last few weeks to just run. No training regime. No timelines. No speed works outs (gasp!). Just me. Well me and my Garmin. Still can’t seem to part with that little guy. My mileage for these weeks has been low and I am okay with that.

I have run a few races that I did solely for fun. One of those races included the Mermaid Series San Francisco 5k this past Saturday. I adore the Mermaid races. Organization and swag is the bonus to why I participate, but I also like the fact that it is an all women’s race. Not to mention that they inspire little mermaids to participate in a 1.5 mile race. The Mermaid series crew sets up training programs for these future runners around the Bay Area. They are so inspirational. And the event is so much fun! You can’t beat getting a finishers necklace at the end as well as some yummy pancakes. 
I ran the 5k. The course started near Little Marina Green in SF, headed out towards the Warming Hut, wrapped around and ended back near the starting line. If you are not familiar with this area, I will tell you that the course is all water views that include the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a breath taking sight that never gets old. It was a clear day; chilly but not overwhelming, with a flat course at that. A perfect course yet I struggled. My body was tired and I ran not at my fullest potential. 

Shannon as she heads to the finish line of the 10k.
So many Mermaid Friends strutting their stuff
The last mile hurt, so I slowed it down and enjoyed the views. I crossed the finish line in 23:44. I came in 9th overall and 2nd in my AG. By no means was this a PR race.
It has been a long time since I have had a PR in a 5k race. Where I am lacking those PR’s in short distance I am gaining in my long distances so I’m not complaining.
Keri at the last minute volunteered the day before at bib pick-up for six plus hours. Go Ker!
A fun race combined with the company of some great friends, and I feel rejuvenated. I think the time has come to getting back to a training schedule and see where my limits will push me next. 18 weeks and then some until I run my third marathon! 
Posing w/ Beth who Age Placed for the first time! Woot!! Go Beth!!!!

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