Good Tidings, Running, & Food!

This week past I spent the holidays with my family! They live in the mountains just above Chico. It was a bit of whirlwind, but fun nevertheless. Who say's there is no time for running during the holidays? I did indeed have a few running adventures....I don't think it balanced out my eating adventures though!

I baked and baked. And then I ate and ate and ate some more!

I was going to meet up with the Chico Running Club for a Saturday morning run, but none showed up. I did meet some other fabulous runners though and did a nice six miles at a 8:12 avg pace in Bidwell Park with them. I do enjoy connecting with other runners and maybe even making a new friend!

 On Christmas Day I ran the trails around Paradise Lake.

I drank a traditional holiday drink – Grasshoppers. And well, perhaps OD’d on eggnog spirits.

I played with my parents new rescue dog Sadie. She is a Husky wolf mix and such a sweetie! Sadly though, she is not so much a runner, but loves chasing after the laser light. I never saw a dog respond to the light so.

 I meet the fabulous fellow 2012 SF Marathon ambassador Laura in Chico.

Apparently I was a good girl this year for I got a brand new pair of running shoes. Asics Gel Blur 33. They have a different feel than the other styles of asics that I have, but I think I kind of love them. I look forward to putting some miles in them.

 So that was my week in review. While the week after Christmas and right before New Year’s is traditionally a bit of a dead week, I have been nothing but busy! Not a bad thing though as I also prepare my goals for 2012! It’s going to be a fabulous year – I just know it!!! First goal is in the works....Running off all that food I seemed to over indulged in! ;)
Happy New Year everyone! Get those last minute miles in and be safe! CHEERS!!!!

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