Expecting the unexpected is never as easy as it might seem. This last weekend my calendar was jammed packed with social activities. I love when I have those kinds of weekends! Better to be busy than bored I always say! Sometimes though, things don’t quite go according to plan...

On Saturday I woke up bright and early, no races this time, but I did volunteer at the Brazen Summit Rock Half, 10k, and 5k. Because I was up before the crack of dawn, I was fortunate enough to experience the lunar eclipse. Passionate about astronomy, I thought this was the coolest thing!!! I then quickly stopped at Starbucks where I got an Americano and a sausage breakfast sandwich that was later proved to be the worst purchase I had made this year.

The Summit Rock trail races were held in beautiful Sanborn Park in Saratoga. I love this area! When I arrived, it was still dark out! I met other volunteers who I was reintroduced to when day broke. “Oh, so that is what you look like” we would kid. My job as a volunteer was to help with registration. I passed out the 10k bibs. As a volunteer it was interesting to see the runners all in race form. Some were nervous and quiet. Others were pumped and very talkative. Whatever the race personality was, it was certainly clear that excitement was in the air.

Cold and ready to pass out bibs w/ Amy, Julie, and Tina
Picture taken from the Brazen Racing folks.
I finally got to meet Linh and Tina from The Running Addicts. I also had the opportunity to but briefly meet a fellow SF Ambassador Roni, who barely made it to the start line with 20 seconds to spare. Talk about cutting it close!

Halfway through my shift, I started to feel queasy. I wrote it off as eating such a heavy meal too early and continued with my duties. The Brazen racing folks really do treat their volunteers amazing! They were so appreciative and the most friendly of folks. I was surprised that not only do I get a free race entry to a future Brazen race, but they also gave me a tech shirt and goody bag. Apparently I was supposed to get a medal, but I guess I missed the memo… So unexpected and so kind really! I had a great time volunteering, and look forward to participating in future Brazen events, whether as a race participant or a volunteer.

After my shift, I headed home. I was on a tight schedule, but as I was feeling worse, I decided to lie down for a tad. Apparently, I got sick! I rarely get sick. The last time I had the flu was well over ten years ago. So, it was pretty intense. I had to cancel all of my plans while literally camping out in my restroom. I had a fever, chills and experienced vomiting. After what seemed hours of empting out my stomach, I felt a tad better and put myself to bed. I slept the afternoon and night away. I really think I got food poisoning. I wrote and called the corporation and of course I have yet to hear. I just don’t want anyone else to get sick like I did. It was a horrible ordeal, and I am not certain I can ever walk into a Starbucks again.

It was suppose to be a trail themed weekend as the next morning, I was to do a 13 mile trail run which I was really looking forward to. I didn’t make it as I was still seeing trails myself if you will (AKA dizziness and chills). While I was feeling considerably better, I thought it would be best if I took yet another rest day, especially considering that I had no fuel in my body since I puked it all away. I did manage to make it out on Monday for a six mile trail run where I got my "getting dirty" fix. Fresh air certainly does wonders for the soul, but I could tell my immune system was still pretty weak.
Monday Trail Run - I was following the white rabbit who was quite quick to snap a picture of
Sigh. A low mileage week. It upsets me when I don’t meet my weekly goals. But things happen. And sometimes you have to just accept the fact that things don’t always go as planned. Looking ahead - I am looking forward to hitting the pavement and trails for some healthy strong runs!

Hopefully you made it out this last weekend! How did your runs go? Please let me live vicariously through you!

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