A Yin & Yang of a year

As the holidays approach us, and we wrap up another year - I reflect on everything that has happened in 2011, and I am humbled.
There was sorrow - I used to think that when someone close passed away there would be a few months of mourning, and then it all just goes away. The longing, the pain, the sadness and the tears. Now that I have gone through the motions, I know that I was wrong. Both my grandparents passed away in February and March, as well as a close family friend who I thought of as an aunt. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them. Not a week goes by when I don’t shed a tear. Yes, this year certainly has been hard in that respect.While it has been difficult, in my world of running - I have seen great success and achievements.

Running none to then two Marathons that I completed this year! The Maui OceanFront Marathon in January, and the inaugural Half Moon Bay Marathon in September.

Ran nine Half Marathons, qualified and became a member of Half Fanatics.

From my very first half marathon that I ran in April of 2010, I have improved my pace by over 40 minutes in time.

Put more miles in this year than I ever would have thought possible with 1,325 to date. .

I ran a trail half marathon in the pouring rain. Well, "sliding" would better describe it. It was an amazing experience!

Celebrated the first year anniversary of starting this running blog.

Continue to age place, and place 1st - 3rd female overall in 5k’s and 4 milers.

I was fortunate enough to connect with other amazing runners and bloggers in the bay area. I made a few friendships that I cherish!

Honored to be chosen as one of the 2012 Ambassadors for the San Francisco Marathon.

So there it is! A Yin and a Yang of a year. Did I forget anything? Maybe. But as I celebrate my small running milestones and grieve for those loved ones I have lost, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am!
I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday! Laugh, Eat, Run, and don’t forget to smile! Much love to you and your families! 
CHEERS!!! <3

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