I lost my indoor house cat while traveling! I know what you thinking  - Why the heck did you bring your cat with you out of town?

Well, unlike any other typical cat I know, he really does like to travel. He loves exploring new places and meeting new people and animals, as he is very socialable. I had never had a problem before now.

He is a smart kitty. He sits on command for cookies and can sometimes use the toilet when the mood strikes him...Yes the actual toilet! That's not a typo. His favorite past time though is opeing doors and that is exacly how I lost him! He opened the door to the house I am staying at in Placerville, Ca and escaped into the great unknown.
He has escaped before, but only in his hood where he spent the night out having kitty cocktails and returning in the morning hungover ready to sleep the day away. Tsuki (that is his name which means moon in Japanese) has been missing since Friday the 13th. Go figure a black cat missing on the 13th. This is the longest he has been away, and I am absolutley sick! Tomorrow I have to return back home to the Bay Area, with or without my little buddy, and this thought drives me mad.

I tried to do a long run of 17 miles on Sunday, but I could only muster 12. I was crying every stride of the way. I am not neglecting running by any means, I think about running as much as I am thinking about my cat, I know I will feel better if I run, but I am torn. I have been crawling under houses and walking around the neighborhoods several times a day though - Does that count? I will make up mileage before the week's end, right now however, I am completely focused on getting my cat back!

I realize this is more a pet post than a run post, but I need to ask the running community and beyond to spread the word - If you know anyone in the Placerville area, please please forward this on! I can't imagine my life without Tsuki as he is only three years old and has many more years to live. Can you imagine if it was your pet that you lost? He is like my child I suppose. And I promise, that the next blog post will be one hundred percent running related! Thank you so much for your support!

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