Sprinting to the Finish

As runners, we constantly stride to challenge ourselves. Improving pace, endurance, form, the list goes on. It’s that progress we see in our goals that makes us push toward that extra mile, to sprint towards the finish.

With the New Year upon us comes a new set of goals and challenges. Sure I am still hoping to see a sub- 4 marathon this year. And yes, I would like to eventually BQ. Might take a bit longer than planned, but I have faith that it will happen. I might be 70 years of age, but hey I will achieve it! While thinking about these goals and challenges, I also thought about my passions within running.

I look admirably at so many of you endurance runner’s out there who can run miles and miles flawlessly, but when racing a 5k seem to get irritable and disheveled. They complain that the 5k hurts. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and while I don’t disagree with the pain of a 5k – I do love it so! I also love to sprint! The wind though my hair, the burn of my lungs, and the flailing of my arms is just that endorphin rush I need. I have acquired a new found love and its name is the 200 meter dash. The next few months while I train for my next marathon, I am also going to work on improving my time for such a short distance. It’s okay to have a few goals right? One that I love and one that challenges me. Well, they both technically challenge me, but in lieu of being honest, I enjoy sprinting far more than training for a marathon. There I said it! Don’t judge.

Speaking of challenges, I did just also accomplish one that has been on my bucket list for some time. Running the State Park in Saratoga, Ca called Castle Rock. I have hiked this gorgeous trail more often than I can count, but never thought in my wildest dreams that I would actually run it. With some rocky parts that you literally have to climb over I did walk, but for the most part, I pat myself on the back for conquering the hill climbs with over a 3,000 ft elevation gain. While hills are still my nemesis, I am looking forward to improving those climbs that I fear so. So yes, running loads more hills are definitely on this year’s goal to do list as well.

I am excited to see where running will take me next as it has already given me so much! Possibilities are endless so just keep running, just keep running. Running, running, running!

Some of the KillerUp group conquering the rock!

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