Back in the Saddle

What a runderful weekend!

It all started on Saturday morning when I met up with the "RunningAddicts," for a long run. Since my right hip had been bothering me, I decided to take this run really easy and Ultra Miles Matt joined me. The weather was overcast and in my opinion perfect running temps. We started off at Shoreline Park in Mountain View and headed out around the Palo Alto Baylands. We were way behind the group but that didn’t matter, as I was only running for myself and no one else. Matt and I dedicated our run to Sherry, and we wore our bibs to honor her. At a bathroom break others on the trail asked us if we were in a race. I shared Sherry’s story creating awareness and remembrance to such an amazing runner!

I ran 20.23 miles in 3:14. Though my pace was slower than it should have been, this was my very first long run that I felt I could have just kept going! I was amazed and what a great feeling! My hip was still pretty sore and since I was over compensating elsewhere, my legs were also sore, but I was happy!

On Sunday, "Road Runner Sports" of Campbell hosted the Beat the Winter Blues 10k. I woke in the morning with every intention of making it a shake out run and take it nice and easy. Funny thing happens when you throw a bib on me….Every thing changes and I just wanted to push to the finish! The first three miles felt pretty good. A few ladies had passed me, but I wasn’t really concerned. At the turn around, I noticed that my pace started to pick up as I started passing people. I was surprised at how good I felt even on sore legs. At the finish, I discovered that I placed 4th Female overall. My Garmin also stated that I had a lovely negative split!

1 - 8:01
2 - 8:07
3 - 8:02
4 - 7:48
5 - 7:40
6 - 7:37
.13 - 7:51

I had never run the day after a long run, especially on tired legs, and I have to say it felt pretty good! I love when I surprise myself. RoadRunner Sports puts on a pretty good post party where I chatted with friends and relished my accomplishments! Fellow SF Marathon Ambassador Albert took 1st place overall, with Ultra Miles Matt in 2nd! So awesome!

Before the start partial group photo courtesy of Road Runner Sports

A rare running picture that I actually like of myself courtesy of Road Runner Sports
With a slew of less than adequate running weekends in the past few weeks, I am so thankful for these small running accomplishments! Smile. Stretch. Smile.

How was your weekend of running? Did you kill it out there on the course?

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