Just a little Jike

What a lovely and long four day weekend! I had the opportunity to go on a mini holiday. So what if I only drove an hour to my destination – The point is, I got to enjoy some relaxing time away from home in the Monterey area.

Sadly, I had to decrease my mileage this week. And it's not credited to the over indulgence of oysters on a half shell, or the many sips of wine that were tasted. No. It was because my hip has been in pain for over a week now. I have a thousand guesses what it might be caused from, but regardless, I was forced to take it easy and focus on strengthening my hip. Yet another excuse to add to the books of how well my training has been going to run my third marathon that will be taking place in oh – 26 days from now! Oh well. No sense crying about it. It is, what it is. My goals for the upcoming marathon have seriously declined, and for once I am just going to run the damn thing with no expectations. Regardless, it will be a fun day! And that’s that!

I did however manage to make it to the Ventana Wilderness where I jiked, (jog/hiked) or hun (hiked/run) a pretty fierce course. It was beautiful, challenging, and way too much fun! The trail held a lot of obstacles and a whole lot of people! Thankfully, I got out there early enough to avoid the crowds. Because I was forced to take it easy, I missed out on a whole lot of cool stuff further ahead on the trail. And here is the kicker – It took me over two hours to run six miles! Hahaha! I love it!! Yes, I admit that I did a lot of stopping for some photo ops, but a good chunk of that time was me crawling over and under trees! Got to love them trails – Yes, sir!!! I can’t wait to go back again and run more of the beautiful trails in the Big Sur area!

Ventana Wilderness
While some jump....

Others crawl.
Get a room!
Over dramatization...? I'll never tell! ;)

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