Love on the Run

Well, the cat is out of bag. Yes it’s true, and I am happy, happy, happy! I can’t think of a better day to share my story than on Valentine’s Day! And here it goes -

For years I have been doing the online dating thing. It's fun for awhile, but it gets old fast. Meeting strangers in well-lit places, finding them much more interesting in emails than face to face, finding common bonds, but never quite making that romantic connection. It's the story of my life really, and the results are disappointing.

This past holiday season, I went to visit my folks who live near the Chico area. It was the morning of Christmas eve. I had researched some running clubs that I might be able to join up with for a group run. I discovered the "Chico Running Club," and made the drive to their Bidwell Park meeting place. I waited at the park patiently with no one from the club showing up. An out of town guy was also waiting there for the same reason as I. After a respectable time, we decided to run together on our own. He was faster than I, and with me not wanting to tell him I needed to slow down, I continued at his pace. Sure, I thought he was cute, but at this point I was trying to keep up, huffing and puffing, and dripping with sweat. Flirting was the last thing on my mind. We ran for six miles and talked. Well, he did most of the talking, and I did the gasping for air.

I discovered that his mother and sister lived in Chico, and he in Placerville. He had just finished his first ultra marathon where he ran 50 miles. While he had been running for a few years, he was only beginning to participate in organized races and he was hooked! At the end of our run we met up with his mom and sister and chatted for awhile, about what else - Running?

Later that morning we bumped into each other again at the Chico Farmer’s market. I was with my parents, and he was with his mom and sister. Introductions were made all around, and phone numbers exchanged. Before I left town, we met for breakfast. Sparks flew, and only a few days passed before he came to visit me at my home in San Jose. We went on a run date out on the trails of the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. I knew he was a keeper when after I blew a snot rocket, he still thought I was hot! We have been together ever since.

I never thought in a million years, that I would meet someone special while doing something that I love to do. A real bonus that he shares my passion. We are doing the long distance relationship thing, (three hour drive), and spend time with each other on the weekends. Ultra Miles Matt (well that’s what I call him) has become my long run and race companion. We have participated in the Davis Stampede together, and look forward to upcoming races that include the Modesto marathon. I have no idea what’s to come of this, but for the moment I am happy. I seem to have fallen accidentally in love while on the run. And I wouldn’t have it any other way...Snot rockets and all!

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