Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Running Madness

 Oh my goodness, March is certainly going to be a busy running month for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Never mind the fact that in addition to all the running events I have planned, I will also be celebrating my golden year by turning 33 (yes I just admitted my age) on 3/3. I know some people don’t care much for birthdays, but I am quite the opposite. Any excuse to celebrate whether it’s your birthday or mine! Every weekend of this month I have something going on. And I am excited to take it all on, for I know it will all go by way too fast.

Thursday March 1st - SF Marathon Registration Party & Fun Run at Lululemon Union Square in San Francisco. All are welcome and I certainly hope to see you there!

Saturday March 3rdHellyer Half Marathon! My birthday race is in my neck of the woods of San Jose.

Saturday March 10th – I am volunteering at Way too Cool 50k. In the wee hours of the morning I will be passing out T’shirts. Then I move to the mile eight aide station to cheer on all the hardcore runners. I can’t wait!

Sunday March 18thModesto Marathon. EEEE. I am not ready as you already know, but I am going to go, give it my best, and have some fun. This will be my 3rd marathon in the 3rd month, at the age of 33. I love them three’s!

Sunday March 25thThe Oakland Half Marathon. I signed up for this race long before registering for Modesto due to the great deal that was offered. Since this is just a week after running a marathon, I have no goals for this race. I am excited however, to see a lot of familiar faces out on the course and just simply celebrate the love of running!

Happy March Running Madness everyone! What’s on your calendar?


XLMIC said...

What a great month this will be for you! We have lots of March Madness in our family...birthdays the 6,7,9 and 19; anniversary the 1st; Oakland Marathon relay.

Wishing you an amazing, triply awesome birthday month :)

L.B. said...

Sounds like a great month of running and celebration. 33 is pretty cool. That year came and went for me too fast! That Oakland Half is going to be cool with so many SF Ambassadors there that day. Wish I could make it too, but sounds like you'll get to meet up with plenty of awesome people out there.

March is going to be cool for me. I got my 5th marathon on 3.18, the LA Marathon. It will be just a bit more crowded than the Modesto Marathon I'd imagine. That's good and bad of course but hopefully we both kick some ass that day! I'm sure we will :) although judging by your 20 miler you're going to kick more ass than me :)

Alisyn said...

Woo! That's a lot a water babies! ;) Busy Birthday/Anniversary month for you but certainly sounds fun! Hopefully I see you at the Oakland Marathon festivities!

Alisyn said...

I think you are going to kill the LA Marathon! You have had some very strong long runs under your belt this training cycle! :)

Ed said...

Wow what a scheduled! Good luck!