Fun Run, Knee Pain, and a Video Application...Oh My!

After a bit of rest, I am back to running and building my miles back up! It felt so good to run last week. My pace seems to be slower this post marathon time around, but I am certain I will get it back up in no time.

On Thursday, I attended a SF Marathon Meet-up fun run in Campbell hosted by Road Runner Sports. It was great seeing friends and even meeting some new faces to boot. At the Meet-Up we ran four miles at the Los Gatos Creek Trail and then headed back to the store for food, socializing and a raffle. I was having a great time until I experienced a sharp pain in my right knee that I had never experienced before on the run. It hurt so bad that I actually keeled over in pain. I had to walk for a bit and lucky for me I was surrounded by fellow SF Marathon Ambassadors to make me laugh and forget about the pain. Despite that little snafu, I had a great time at the fun run! 

Fellow Ambassadors; Peter, Solo Runner, Albert, and me.
Having fun on the course and making a bridge for some of the runners.
Peter quotes "I don't usually pick up Asian guys, but when I do I make sure they are San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors." HA!!!
Hamming it up for the camera..Shocker I know.
Solo helping Gimpy (that's me) down the path!
Fun Run Meet-up Group Photo at RRS.
The knee pain lasted all night. Fast foward two days later, I did a quick low mileage jaunt on Paradise Lake Trail and it felt fine. I am apprehensive to hit the pavement again as I don’t want the pain to come back, but it must be done! Hoping it was just fluke and currently thinking positively that I will run pain free.

In other news, I submitted a video application to Run with Nuun in the Hood to Coast Relay Team. What a great opportunity and experience Nuun has provided! A 24 hour relay surrounded in a van with other amazing  blogger chicks doing what we love to do - Run!!!

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work on the video application, but I certainly had a lot of fun doing it! After watching myself a thousand times during the editing process, I have come to one conclusion...I am a huge dork! No really. See for yourself. Best of luck to all those who also submitted video applications. There are some great videos out there and Nuun would certainly be lucky to have you!

And here is my video in all it’s dork glory.....

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