Less is More

Last week I ran very cautiously. On Tuesday, I hit the trails for a 2 miler. My calf was still very tight, so I slowed the run into a jike (jog/hike). On Thursday, I increased the mileage to 4 miles and hit the trails yet again for a scenic jaunt. It was Sunday though that progress was really made!  

Katie had invited me to run from her house to go cheer on a friend of Layla’s; Michaela at a Triathlon held at Almaden Lake Park. It was just over three miles away from Katie's house. I was hesitant at first because well, frankly I was scared. I was worried that all my aches and pains would return. I weighed the pros and cons of running in my head and decided to meet up with Katie and Layla and just run. Worst case scenario, I end up on a hospital gurney.

Luckily however, it was the best case scenario I could have asked for - I ran pain free for over 7 miles! It was my longest run in the last three weeks and I was on a cloud nine. Perhaps it helped that I had fabulous people surrounding me, but I had a blast. It was such a fun morning - Spectating all the hardcore triathletes, running, socializing, not to mention eating and drinking a fantastic post run breakfast and meeting some new cool peeps.

It was a hot day! Doesn't help that we were right in the sun's glare. With Katie and Layla!
I am wondering if my shoes have something to do with my injuries. I recently bought the Brooks Pure Flow, and ran two Half Marathons and the Modesto Marathon in them fine. It was suddenly while on casual runs that I experienced pain in both legs shortly after the marathon. Switching to an old pair of asics or running in my New Balance Trail shoes have proven to be pain free. Very curious indeed!

In other news, I found out that I was denied by nuun to run Hood To Coast, but I am not upset. At least I tried right?  And I am very happy and excited for all the awesome girls that did make it! Perhaps other cool  things are in the cards for me and I can’t wait to see what those will be! For right now, I am busy being on the race committee for the inaugural Surfer’s Path Marathon and Capitola Half that will be held May 20th, 2012. It certainly takes a lot to put on a successful race event, and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to be behind the scenes and see how it all unfolds!

Happy Running!

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