Racing for Apples

I participated in the Apple Blossom Trail 5k on Saturday. This trail race was unique as the course ran through different types of terrain. I almost wish I had my camera with me on the run as I ran through orchards, a forest, vineyards, and even passed by a pine tree farm where they were cutting the branches and the smell of pine overwhelmed my nose. This was certainly a good thing as I just love the smell of pine! It was a beautiful morning, and a fun filled day to boot!

The event held a 5k that I was participating in, a 10k, and a 10 miler that UMM was racing. All events started at the same time in the area called Apple Hill located in Camino Ca. For the first 150 feet or so UMM and I were able to run together before the courses split. This was fun, but of course I broke out into a sprint, which was a mistake. A few months past I wrote a guest blog post for the Gold Rush Fun Run all about elevation racing when training at or below sea level. Do you think I followed my own advice? Nope. No sir. Not even close. In this 5k, I started out too fast, did not properly hydrate before hand, and failed to go on a run a day or two before the race to practice in elevation. My lungs were burning and after a mile of running, I got a horrible headache. I was forced to slow down my pace, while I watched a few women pass me by. It was hard to not push, but I had to really slow down to minimize by breathing as my lungs were on fire. As mentioned above, there were all sorts of different terrain that I ran through. From grass my least favorite to run on, to mud, and gravel. Looking at my splits, I noticed I ran the slowest in the grass and mud, and the fastest on gravel. 

I crossed the finish line in 29:04. This was no doubt my slowest trail 5k race yet, but I am happy with the results. I finished 22nd overall and 3rd in my Age Group. Despite the beautiful surroundings, it was a tough hot, hilly course. The top two females overall had the home advantage finishing the race at 24 and 25 minutes. They not only finished strong, but were very nice to chat with after, comparing stories of how we felt and ran.

I then waited for UMM to finish up his 10 miler. He crossed the finish line at 1:13:32 and placed 1st overall! It was his very first overall race win, but I predict more to come.

About to cross the finish line!
Yes, we color coordinated our outfits...We are THAT couple! Disgusting right? ;P
Overall, I felt the event was well organized and a lot of fun. Awards were given to the top 3 in each age group, but none were presented to the top overall winners nor were they even mentioned. I was a bit disappointed as it would have been nice to see UMM applauded for winning, but perhaps I am being a bit bias.

The cool thing about the race is that it got the surrounding businesses of Apple Hill  involved. After the event, you could drive around Apple Hill and take advantage of the treats and goodies the wineries, and shops had to offer which UMM and I did! We tried some wine at the vineyards, and ended our day at my new favorite brewery the Jack Russell Brewery. The beer is super yummy and I can’t seem to get enough! 
It was a fantastic day for sure and I am just happy to be able to run again without my legs giving me attitude!

Participating businesses in the area

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