Running Sprightly

I didn’t realize how tired I would feel after working on the Surfer’s Path Marathon race committee. Luckily, I was able to get back into a running routine after having only one day off. I was even able to get into the swimming pool for the first time in a few months and get some laps in. I do love the water, but man, swimming certainly humbles me. I hope to add swimming to my regular routine once I return from my holiday. 

Since the Surfer’s Path race on Sunday, I have become obsessed with a drink that was being handed out at the event. Recently, I wrote a guest blog post for the San Francisco Marathon all about chia, and my latest addiction includes plenty of Chia. The drink is called "Chia\Vie," and comes in three flavors, Mango, Snapple-Berry, and Acerola - Pina. All of the flavors are super yummy, but I think I like the Mango Smoothie the best. There is absolutely no sugar added, and with a nice smooth texture, you can hardly even tell that Chia is in it. It's gluten free and vegan free, and I can’t seem to get enough!

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I know mine was jammed packed as usual. My running included a Fun Run 10k held by "Road Runner Sports," in Campbell. I just love the events Road Runner offers, organized by the lovely Meghan. This race was unique by the fact that no Garmins or timing devices were allowed, and the first female and male finishers that guessed the closest won a prize. Before the race, I wrote down a predicted finishing time of 50:50. This race would not be a PR as I was tired from the days past and just wanted to run a casual pace. UMM kidded with me that I should have wrote down 51:50... Upon crossing the finish line, I clocked in at 51:57. I would have won for sure if I had changed my time beforehand. Oh well! UMM ended up winning the race, and he will get his picture up as the course record holder. Katie also came out to run and though she was not feeling good she still managed to place 2nd overall. This chick is hardcore, and I am happy that she is my friend. Perhaps some of that hardcore running will rub off on me. Katie and I also managed to place in the top five females who guessed the closest. Hey, I'll take it!

Photo courtesy of Road Runner Sports, Campbell.
Just 9 more days until I leave for Germany and 11 days will mark my very first out of the country half marathon. I am very excited! I have a lot to do between now and then that also includes a couple of 5k races that I will be running this coming weekend. Busy, busy, busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Did you manage to get some running in?

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