The Runs of Life

Back in 2010 I ran my first 5k race at the Forest of Nisene Marks. I ran it in 25 minutes and some change and was shocked that I placed 1st in my age group. It was then that I got a taste for speed, and within months, I went on to run my ultimate PR of 21:45. Fast forward to this year's 2012 Forest of Nisene Marks 5k event when I ran the event in 25 minutes exactly. Comparing my results of my 5k past, it’s demoralizing. Truth be told, I have seen my speed decrease since the Modesto Marathon, as I also tried to overcome injuries. It’s the running cycle of life I suppose. Perhaps it takes two strides back to get ahead.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling this race. Within the first 50 yards, I was struggling to breathe and just couldn’t get a handle on myself till the end. I felt tired and ill, so instead of struggling to stay ahead, I simply coasted. I saw my fabulous "fastie" friends, Meg and Elise, move toward the front and wished I could be with them. I deserved that 25 minute finish, and worked as hard for it as I had the 21:45. At the finish line, Meg and Elise were overjoyed with their results, where I was disappointed in my results. Luckily my mood didn’t last long as we had a little Beer - Picnic while awaiting the awards ceremony.
Classy! Holiday cups in June!
The race had changed from years past. The 5k course now starts at the same spot as the Half Marathon, and Marathon, which means a huge hill climb in the beginning. Everyone got a medal upon crossing the finish line, and the Tech Tees were finally female fitted, and oh so cute. I think this is my favorite race tee of the year! My only gripe about the race was when the results were posted. I was portrayed as placing 3rd in my age group 30-34. When the ceremony took place however, they honored 30-39. What a disappointment to think I was getting an award only to find out otherwise.
Reunited! Charly and I met at my first 5k event in 2010...And here we are again.
Lucky to be stuck in the middle with Elise & Meg! :)
Sadly, my friend, Elise was experiencing pain in her leg and was not able to run the See Jane Run event that was held the day after Nisene. She passed on her entry to me, and though I was having a pity party for myself, I decided to run the 5k all just the same. Yep, another weekend of back to back 5k’s. I headed out to Alameda super early as I needed to pick up my bib and all that good stuff. This race was a vagina fest , err, all women's race rather, and a lot of lovely ladies ran the half, and 5k. While I have been to Alameda plenty of times before, I had never run there and it was a real treat. I was shocked that a lot of the course held Bay views. My fav! Another shocker was at the turn around point of the course, I saw waves upon waves, upon waves, of women running. It was awesome to see and the realization hit me that the See Jane Run event, might just be the biggest 5k race I have participated in yet! 

I felt good, and unlike Nisene, did not feel as if I was pushing myself. I had no idea what I was running though. For some reason I had forgotten my Garmin at home which I never do on race day, and was running blindly. I enjoyed running naked, but after all was said and done, it was like pulling teeth trying get my results. This was the only downside to an otherwise well organized event. I crossed the finish line in 24:03 and immediately caught up with the new running buddy I had met at the start. We walked around and enjoyed all the super fun swag that the race had to offer, including champagne, and samples from outside vendors. 
Is it now the trend to receive a medal for crossing the finish line at 5k events?
This week I leave for Germany where I am not only running my first half marathon out of the country, but I am also going to check out some of the running groups in the Berlin and Hamburg areas. I am hoping this trip will be just what I need to replenish my sole by getting me back down to the business of running, and back to my 5k PR glory...Among other things.

And that's that! You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the Runs of life!

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