Cutting the Crap

It’s been twelve days since my last (gasp) sip of alcohol. I am not going to drink until after I have completed running the first half of The San Francisco Marathon on July 29th. Why? Because I am cutting the crap!

It is not like I drink everyday (never mind my holiday in Germany), but I am really focused on loosing the ten pounds I managed to gain since January. The "not drinking" part is going to be easy. It is the "not eating every dessert" in site that is going to be a challenge. It’s true, I have a major sweet tooth and the only cure is more chocolate! I am not going to completely cut sweets out of the equation, but I am certainly going to pick and choose my sweet tooth battles.

Saying Goodbye to this..
And, (Sigh) my new favorite chocolates
And eating way more of this
My running lately has been less than satisfactory. It’s like starting all over again except, I don’t quite remember it being this hard!

On the 4th of July I participated in the Santa Cruz Firecracker 10k. I have done this race for the last three years. The first year if you remember I missed the 5k turn and ended up running the 10k course. My time in 2010 was 53 minutes. Last year I ran the 5k race where I placed 3rd in my Age Group. This year, was different. I did not want to race. I just wanted to be surrounded by the running community and build my endurance back up. I ran the 10k and forgot just how hilly the beautiful course actually was. The course was a combo of pavement and trails and a few steep hill climbs all in between. I finished in 58 minutes and some change. I have to be honest, though I was not pushing it, I was a bit sad. I, like many of you out there, can’t stand to fail. I know you learn and grow from it all and all that jazz, but I constantly strive to be the best I can possibly be. And I can’t help but compare myself to well, myself! 

Meg and I pre race. Meg ran the 5k and rocked not only a PR but 1st in her AG!
Running is never the same as the day before. It is ever changing and always a challenge. It is hard to accept the fact that there will be setbacks to my performance. And I have to just learn to simply take it in stride and remind myself why I love to run - To push myself to the limits of what I never thought would be possible.

Thus begins my journey of Cutting the crap and getting down to some serious training!

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