Impromptu Ramble

Sometimes an impromptu race is just what a sole needs...Especially on the trails! Katie and I decided at the last minute to participate in the Inside Trails Woodside Ramble Race which was held at Huddart Park in Woodside. This was the second race ever (in a week no doubt) that I registered for the morning of. Being the ever so timely girls that we are, we actually arrived race morning a little too early. Lucky that katie and I tend not to run out of things to talk about as the morning passed quickly doing what we do best....Well second best after running of course.

Soon it was 9am and the 50k and 30kers were off! I quickly saw San Francisco Marathon Ambassador Peter as he hurried to the start with only seconds to spare. Then, Katie was off as she was running the Half Marathon. And finally, 9:30am came and it was time for me to take my place with the other 10k participants. I was excited to explore a trail I had never been on. It was a challenge, to say the least, where the first four miles were all uphill. It was tough, but absolutely beautiful. This was just the race I needed to remind myself why I love to run. Endorphins kicked into overdrive as I was loving life. There were times that I walked, but I surprised myself at how fast I could power up those hills when walking. There were three people consistently behind me. At some of my walking-up-the-hill points, I thought I would for sure be passed, but I never was. In fact, the last half of the race I was completely alone.

I felt the trail was very well marked. I was following the pink ribbon and I will admit there were times that I doubted myself, but then in the distance I would see pink waving at me, and I continued on. The last two miles were a real treat as it was all downhill. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Luckily I had my water bottle with me as there were no aid stations on the 10k course and it was HOT!

I crossed the finish line strong and feeling pretty damn good! I finished in 1:09:55 taking 16th overall, 8th female, and 4th in my Age Group. I then happily waited for Katie who placed 9th overall, and 3rd in her Age Group while even adding an extra mile as she missed a course marker. Talk about Rock Star status!

I had an absolute blast running this race! And, I am so happy I found my running mojo again. I was getting worried. My pace still might not be back to where I want it to be and I am okay with that -  Thanks to the Woodside Ramble! 

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