Three Years!

What a whirlwind of a year it has been - and suddenly, without warning, August marks my third Runiversary! I can’t believe I fell so in love with an endurance sport, and now running for three years, I can’t imagine my life without it. Yes, I have truly found my sole mate! To celebrate I kicked it off with CIM training!

Last week was a bit of a bust, but determined to get back on track, I had a pretty good run week if I do say so myself.

On Tuesday I did a double day. Tuesday morning I ran with the Running Addicts on the Stevens Creek bike trail in Mountain View. It was an adventure run, as I gave my keys to my friend and waited for her at the turn-around point. When I failed to see her, I got a bit concerned. Back at the parking lot I realized she had left, forgetting that she had my keys. she had a jam packed schedule and left quickly after her run forgetting that she had my keys. Thank goodness for my friend, Linh, who assisted me in getting my keys. It was a two hour ordeal, but I was thankful to get them back. The moral of the story - Hold onto your own damn keys! It's good to be kept on my toes as long as it doesn’t interfere with my running form.

That evening I ran at the RRS Run Like A Girl event. It was nice to see so many familiar faces out on the Los Gatos Creek Bike Trail. I ran with Shannon for a couple of miles. 7 miles in the morning, and 4 miles in the evening marks a successful 11 mile day.

Wednesday I hit the trails with Paulette and introduced her to Quicksilver Trails. We were both pretty tired, but had fun all the same on our 4.5 mile wog.

On Friday I ran track instead of on Thursday. Some circumstances prevented me from running, so I made sure to get up bright and early on Friday to get my track workout in. I did a mini track workout of four miles which included a warm-up/cool-down with 800 intervals mixed in. I am much faster in the afternoon and evening, than in the morning. Regardless, overall I am happy with the effort I put into this workout.
4 miles at a 7:35 avg. pace.

Saturday I did my long run at Nisene State park in Aptos Ca. As I have mentioned before, Nisene is one of my absolute favorite places to do trail running. Since I had to be in Santa Cruz mid-morning, I thought running the fire roads of dirt and gravel would be ideal. I do not like running long runs by myself. I was so grateful that Meg was able to join me for five of the 15 miles that I needed to complete. We did an out and back on the fire roads chatting away. After she departed, instead of going back to the fire roads, I headed to one of the single track trails. This of course slowed me down immensely, but it kept me motivated as the surroundings were so beautiful. I stayed on the single track for a few miles and then jumped back on the fire road to complete my run.  I am not certain if my Garmin wigged out or I miscalculated the turnaround point, but I ended my run at 14.7 miles with a 10:20 avg. pace. My body was beat, but I was happy to get it done. First official training long run in the book with just 13 more to go. Yay (Insert sarcasm here)!!!!

Sunday I ended the week with just two easy recovery miles marking 36 miles for the week! I am happy and I feel great. I have also added Pilates core into my workouts in addition to yoga and swimming. Loving all these activities, I am hoping it will keep me motivated as the weeks unfold.

So what better way to celebrate my Runiversary then by getting out there and running! And well, maybe with a post run beer to boot. Cheers!

Are you training for anything in particular? How did your week go?

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