Gold Rush Fun Run Take 4

Every year The Gold Rush Fun Run seems to get better and better, and I am not just being bias because the race director just happens to be one of my very best friends. She does a stellar job and newsflash - She is not a runner, but does enjoy getting out there and being active and fit. 

This race benefits a non-profit organization called Inalliance that provides a service to helping adults with disabilities get jobs out in the community. A great cause if I do say so myself! The course is held on the El Dorado Trail in Placerville, and is certainly no joke. It holds a climbing incline that takes you higher in elevation. For this sea level chick, it can be quite the challenge. For UMM who lives close to the trail head it is nothing but a little ant hill. I hold a love/hate relationship with this trail.

Setting up the course the day before

In years past, I had participated and won the 5k event. This year I ran the 10k and also got my other good friend Katie and her husband Ari to run the ten mile event. The night before the race, I made the mistake of making spicy food for dinner. When will I learn?! The morning of the race left my system in turmoil and I was forced to make multiple trips to the bathroom. Sadly, my issues did not clear up by the time the race began.
The race started at 8:45am with the sun already blaring down. The hill climb had me huffing and puffing right from the start. My lungs were burning. I don’t think I started out too fast, but looking at my splits it might appear so. My first mile was an 8:51 avg pace which is pretty slow for me when running a race. The next two miles were at a 9:58 and a 9:20. During mile two, I walked some. Yep, I admit it! I couldn’t catch my breath and my tummy was not doing so well for obvious reasons, so I slowed it way down for a tad. It worked as I caught my breath, but I got passed in the process...Shocker I know! There were already two men ahead of me and as I walked, I got passed by two more men. No biggie. I was just out participating in the event to support my friend and get some miles in. There was no way I could win on such a difficult course I thought!
I loved the turn-around because well, it was all downhill from there. Since I had my Amphipod with me, I did not stop at any water stations and cruised down the hill. I just love running downhill. As I passed the 10kers I smiled and sent encouraging words their way which helped me forget about my tummy issues. My lungs had adjusted and I was feeling good! 8:15 for mile 4, mile 5 was a 8:07, 6 was at 7:38, and .19 was a 7:09 pace. 

Me with my fabulous friends (RD Jess in the middle)

I crossed the finish line in 54 minutes! This was not my fastest 10k, but despite some of the obstacles I had faced, I was happy. I finished 5th overall, and 1st Female! Woohoo! What a treat!!! I had won and did not even expect it! Love when that happens! 
Pre race w/ bangs...
Post race w/out bangs, but w/ Medals!
Katie crossed the finish line a bit later and placed 2nd overall and 1st female in the 10 Mile event! Her first words out of her mouth to me were; “I hate you.” Haha. I know it was said with love! Ari ran his very first 10 miler ever and it was so awesome to see him finish! After the event concluded, I stuck around to help tear down the event and I was exhausted after that! 

Wifey & Hubs - Too cute!
I am so happy I got to participant in this community event again this year! It is such a great race and you truly can’t beat the swag that goes along with it. Did I mention they served free beer and cider in wine glasses?! Win! What a fun event!! And yes, I probably would still say that even if I didn’t win!

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