Monday, September 3, 2012

Sriracha Sprint

Fueled by the cock sauce - er, otherwise known as Sriracha! Okay, I wouldn’t recommend eating the stuff right before a run, but mixed in with food makes for a very yummy meal indeed! The truth is, I love spicy food. Bring out the Scoville scale! The hotter the better. Why am I writing on a topic that has nothing to do with running you might ask? For the simple reason that I love Sriracha almost as much as I love to run so why not write at least once about it!

When I was a wee little child, my grandpa would have spice eating contests with me to test our tolerance levels. My tongue would burn, water would escape from my eyes and my cheeks would turn a beet red color, but I was determined to beat him. And then one day, it actually happened! I had reigned champion of the spice. I still hold the title to this day. As I get older my palate craves everything spicy, but sadly my intestines do not. But that is just the risk I take on a daily basis.

As I mentioned above, there is so much you can do with Sriracha. The sauce knows no limits really. Having UMM in my life has invited me to be in the kitchen a lot more, racking my brain of new dishes I can bring to the table. With a little help from my good friend Sriracha (seriously I should be sponsored by this stuff) my creativity knows no limits.

Want a twist to Deviled Eggs? I replace mayo with brown mustard, Sriracha of course, a bit of garlic, a dash of ground ginger, and then garnish with cayenne pepper and a cilantro leaf. I recently tested these eggs with my friend who cares not for spicy food. She actually liked it as she said it was not too spicy, but certainly was flavorful with a bit of a kick! Success!

Instead of adding tomato sauce to my stuffed bell peppers I used the magic sauce. I also threw in some grated ginger to the mix as I feel ginger and Sriracha pair quite nicely together.

If there is one thing I love more than Sriracha, it is cheese! Shockingly goat cheese with Sriracha on top makes for a very delicious snack or appetizer. Great for entertaining as it is the easiest thing to prepare!

I also use Sriracha for marinating fish or chicken. I can’t get enough of the stuff!

So, if you love Sriracha as much as I do, I would love to hear how you pair it with food? Or perhaps you have another favorite spicy sauce that you use with everything? No secrets here, spill it! Because running and spicy food go hand in hand! Or maybe not...


Ed said...

That stuff is a must have in alaska for some reason...guess everyone needs a little heat up there!

Nancy E said...

So funny -- I think I have a bottle in my fridge - have no idea how it got there and never thought to use it. :) Must try. LOL :)

L.B. said...

Love me some Sriracha too! Always taking heat (haha) for my love of the stuff. I try to get my girls to eat it but no dice.

Check this recipe out if you ever need a baked beans recipe. I made it and wow did it pack the heat. It was delicious though, even if the heat was too much for some to handle. Not me, I went back for more.

Alisyn said...

Just checked out the recipe and I can't wait to try it! Thank you!

Lancer!! said...

Then I guess the Orange Sauce from La Victoria in down-town San Jose doesn't quite measure up on your heat scale? I haven't had it in years, but it really is good on top of the Nachos Grande con Carne Asade with Jalapeños. A Corona Extra, or three, helps cool it down afterwards. :-)

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