Walking on Water

That's me walking on water!
I discovered a new addiction and it is like walking on water...Well, almost. SUP or rather Stand Up Paddle Boarding has indeed found a way into my heart. I have done it twice in the last two weeks, and all I can think about is when I can get back to the Santa Cruz Harbor and do it again!

The first time I got on the board I was awkward. Not on my feet but with the paddles. While I have done kayaking in the past, I certainly wouldn’t call myself a paddle expert. I was really focused on my strokes and how to turn the board without falling into the water. The second time around I was relaxed and controlled. The paddles felt like nearly an extension of my arm and what a great core workout it was! As confident as I had been on the board, I did somehow manage to fall into the water that second go. Something hit my board, I am not certain what, but I have a feeling it was a harbor seal having a little fun. Seeing seals pop up around my board was a huge highlight, so how could I be mad? Perhaps it was not a seal at all but, “they” say that you are not a true paddle boarder until you hit the water, so I suppose that was my in! I thought the water would be freezing cold, but surprisingly it was just right and I wouldn’t have minded taking a longer dip to swim. I learned a lot from falling into the water and glad that that imaginary seal hit my board.

1st SUP adventure with a few Running Addicts friends - Linh, Joe, and Trish. Our SUP was sponsored by Merrell and guided by the Coverwater SUP Shop.
I blend in with the rocks just a tad
2nd SUP adventure with my beautiful friends Keri and Shannon at the SUP Shack
If you haven’t tried SUP before, I strongly recommend you give it a go. Anyone can do it really! The only warning I will give you is it does get terribly addicting. I mean here I am after only two times walking on water, now researching SUP boards to buy.

Not forgetting about my first love - Running, these last two weeks of CIM training have been very successful. I did two long runs. The first was 17 miles at a 9:25 average pace. The last few miles were a bit of a challenge, but I got through it. Quite an accomplishment as this was my very first long run on pavement that was over 13 miles since the Modesto Marathon.

The second long run was a 20 miler that I did with the lovely Layla. She was awesome to run with not only for the great conversation, but she really kept me on pace as I tend to always go out too fast. Success! And yes, I did go SUPing the very next morning after that 20 miler!

With those long runs combined with my weekly runs that included trails, tracks, and hills, not to mention cross training of yoga, swimming, core and yes I will count SUP, I am feeling very strong and confident in my training thus far! The goal this time around is to just build up my endurance and get used to running long!

I am happy, healthy  and active! I could not ask for anything more really because this is what life is all about - Getting out there and living it!

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