Not Perfect

Two perfect days of running! It’s those runs where everything just clicks. That feeling where you can just run forever. It’s these runs that I certainly cherish. While these perfect running days are few and far between, it makes every bad run of the past serve a purpose.

How easily I forget though. With a bad run, Miss Negative Nancy takes control, and I fear that all hope is lost. I trudge through the run wishing it was over. Checking my Garmin every few strides hoping that I am that much closer to the end.

Running is hard. It is not easy and those bad run days make me question why I even run in the first place...

And then, all of a sudden, I will have a perfect running day. And like this week, sometimes even two days in a row. And then I remember. I run because it is challenging, always pushing me to do better than that mile before. I run because it keeps me healthy and fit. Besides that, you truly can’t beat that endorphin high. I run to discover new places
. I love that running has connected me to a whole community of amazing people who inspire me everyday. From running, I have made some deep rooted friendships and even managed to find a committed, serious relationship out of it! Above all that I have mentioned though, I run for me. And I am happy.

I feel blessed everyday that running has consumed my life (even though sometimes I forget). It’s important to have those bad runs though, to make you realize just how special those perfect runs truly are!

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