Well, here you have it - My 100th post! Fitting that I should write it in the very same month of my two year Blogiversary.

I can’t believe that since I started blogging, I have completed 3 Marathons, 19 Half Marathons, so many 5k’s, not to forget a ton of trail races and other short distance road races. It blows my mind really that once upon a time, I hated running. Funny where life can take us.

Through running, I have made life-long friendships, was humbled to be named an Ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon for a second year, served on the inaugural Surfer’s Path Marathon race committee, and even shockingly; won a few 5k, 10k and other short distance race events. I have learned so much and have much still to learn. Yes, my love of running has certainly introduced me to many grand adventures that also even includes meeting the love of my life...While running. Hey if he is attracted to me while looking like a sweaty mess all while blowing snot rockets, I will take him with open arms!

The possibilities have truly been endless with my running journey. It has allowed me to explore new places and discover that running truly is the universal language while running a race in Germany. It has even taught me that wherever I go, I can always connect with someone to run with. Comforting really.

As I reflect on all of the truly runderful opportunities running has brought to me, I prepare for Marathon number four coming up this Sunday. I have trained. It might not have gone as I would have imagined, but come race day, what will be will be. I am happy to have the opportunity to participate in an event surrounded by so many talented runners. I have goals of running a sub 4 marathon. Will it be at CIM? Unlikely. I say this looking at my training past this cycle. I also say this because I currently have a cold. Being that I rarely get sick, it has certainly attacked my immune system, but I am going to put in my best effort all just the same.

Perhaps at some point in the future I will get there. I am in no rush. I have other running goals I also would like to achieve and really want to focus on those before I run another marathon.
I say this now, but I never know what will be in store for me next. I do know that I will just keep running and smile every stride of the way!

So cheers to running! And good luck to all of you as we continue on this crazy running journey of life together!

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