It’s no secret that I love Thanksgiving. And, not because of the food. To be honest, I am not so keen on turkey with all the fixings. In fact, I can do without. No, I like Thanksgiving because not only do I get to spend time with family and friends, but I also love all the Turkey Trots and races held the morning of.
For us runners, it’s a chance to  get our miles in competitively while being surrounded by the running community. For those non-runners, it is great to see people out there so early in the morning whether they are walking or running. Running/walking a race on Thanksgiving day is a great holiday tradition everyone should incorporate in their families. Perhaps though, I am just being bias.

This year I participated in the Run for Food 5k held in Chico that is located pretty close to my family and UMM’s. Compared to two years ago when I participated in the event where the weather was cold cold cold, this year the temps were perfect and not too cold nor hot.

After using the restroom, I found Umm near the start line chatting it up with a friend he ran into. Yes, even miles away from home, it is still comforting to run into familiar faces. Reason number 1,600 why I love the running community.

Soon we were off and with a blink of an eye, I lost Umm and Rob in the distance. Damn you sub 6 men! I felt pretty good. I had no goals for this race really, but I did want to beat my time from the years past. No biggie if I did not, as this year has for the most part been a slower year for me. The race was held in Bidwell Park, and I just loved running by the creek and seeing all the trees with the beautiful coat of fall leaves everywhere.  People passed me, I passed people, and just as my stride started to slow, the finish line appeared in plain site. As I ran through the chute, I hi fived UMM and looked at the clock to read 22:24. Woohoo! A course PR by a minute! So happy. Perhaps I am not as slow as I had thought! Two years ago, I ran the very same race in 23:36, placing 3rd in my age group.
This year, I finished 117th overall, 21st female, and 2nd in my Age Group. I was really happy with my performance as well as proud of UMM who finished 6th overall, and 1st in his age group.

There was 4,400 runners and walkers who came out to support the Jesus Center in Chico which the proceeds from the event benefited. Sure we were running for a good cause, but beyond that, I was glad to see so many out there working towards a healthy, active lifestyle. And really, that is what it is all about!

I do hope you had a wonderful time with your friends and families. Marathon #4 has arrived much too quickly coming up on Sunday, and I am nervous and excited to see what the day will bring. Ready or not, CIM here I come!

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