Sweet Victory

Running can be so much fun when you're racing! Especially, if it is a short distance race. It is no secret that I love to sprint. In fact, I prob love short distance racing more so than I like running long. Yep. I said it! And I will say it a million times over! Don’t get wrong, I  like long distance running to focus on goals and to stay fit, but there is nothing quite like the feeling like you are going to puke during a sprint! Not to mention, I can actually keep up with my fastie friends doing laps around the track. In fact, it is that rare occasion where I can even lap them which would never happen in a Half Mary and never mind the 26.2 distance.

So naturally, when I heard there was a ZombieRunner 5 mile Halloween Race, I registered immediately. I  found out friend and fellow SF Marathon Ambassador Paulette was volunteering at an aid station and also recruited my other friend Cynthia to run the 5 miler. We all dressed up, because well, it was Halloween after all and headed to the Palo Alto Baylands. Did I mention this was a night race? I love running in the evening time. A natural night owl, I feel like my running is much stronger in the evening verses my morning runs.

W/ Fellow SFM Ambassador Peter and Cynthia
At the start line I handed out glow bracelets to fellow runners and soon we were off. The course was mostly on dirt and gravel and having the worst vision and night vision, it was a bit difficult to see, but that was the fun of it! When running in the dark I always think I am running faster than I really am. Some runners ahead of me were wearing neon colors and it was almost like following the bouncing ball that you would see during a sing-a-long or such. The turnaround came much too fast where I excitedly said hello to Paulette and I was off again. I finished the race in 38:04. The course was just a tad under five miles at 4.80, but I did not mind. I placed 25th overall and 2nd in my age group! I got a couple of cool looking medals, a beer, and a free entry into a future Coastal Trail Runs race for dressing up! I had a blast at this race and will certainly consider other Zoom Running events!

Posing w/ Tony in the diva contest...I meant costume contest!
Cynthia, Paulette and I at my new fav spot - The Steak Out!
The week seemed to fly by and all of a sudden, it was Sunday and time for the Apple Hill Harvest Run that was held in Camino, Ca which is but a couple of miles away from where UMM lives. With the weather being so gorgeous, it certainly brought the fasties out from Sacramento. So this race, to my surprise, had a fairly big turn-out. The proceeds from this race went to support Camino Schools, and lot’s of little runners came out. Spoiler alert, a lot of kids beat me! 

UMM ran the 8.5 mile race and I, the 3.5. This course was no joke. Not only is it in elevation, but lot’s of rolling hills. The race for both distances started uphill and ended uphill. Of course I loved powering down the hills surrounded by the beauty of Apple Hill, but man, my lungs were on fire!! By the time I got to the last hill and close to the finish, I was beat. I usually like to go all out at the finish, but I just didn’t have it in me. Seriously, I practically walked across the finish line. I can’t believe I let myself do that! It was not my legs that were holding me back, but my lungs. Phew, did they burn. I crossed the finish line in 27:34 at a 7:53 overall pace. I placed 77th overall out of 898 and 1st in my age group out of 146 thirty something year olds! I was shocked that I placed 1st considering where I placed overall. Yes, there was a lot of little tikes that beat me on that course, but there were also just as many adults. So, with that, I am very proud of my achievement and bonus points - I won an Apple Pie! I normally don’t care for apple pie much, but I have to say this one was delicious!!! 

Yes victory is certainly sweet, but apple pie is even sweeter!

My sweet victory!
Just us!
UMM finished 14th overall in a time of 56:11. While he did have home advantage, he was still pretty tore up from the marathon the previous week. Still did an amazing job in my eyes. Another highlight to this race was meeting fellow SFM Ambassador Christopher. He ran really strong and finished right where he had wanted! This guy is a beast and it was awesome to meet him in person!
Showing some love for our favorite race!
The week was certainly eventful and so much fun! Next up, my last 20 miler and then I start the taper for CIM. Can't believe marathon number 4 is just around the corner!

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