Jingle Bell Hell

When fellow blogger at Did You Get Any of That posted about a Jingle Bell Hell virtual run, I knew I just had to participate. And what’s better than running in hell, but running with friends, but of course! I somehow managed to talk UMM and Paulette in joining me at the Kennedy Trail in Los Gatos just minutes away from the downtown area. Why might you ask do I consider this running hell? Well, for the simple reason that you just run up a hill for a few miles or so. It is a never ending hill climb. The turnaround is a sweet reward, as are the views, but the climb is just bananas! With over 2500 ft elevation climb, this trail is no joke and certainly not for the faint of heart.

There was not too many parameters for participating in this virtual run except that you must laugh while in the face of hell. And laugh we did! A lot! And one time in particular, UMM ran up ahead, hid at the edge of the trail, and as I ran passed he jumped out and surprised me. Of course I screamed. He got me good!

Not only was the weather cold, but my Garmin had lost battery juice not even a mile into the run which certainly added to the Jingle Hell. Paulette and I managed to run 4.5 miles and fastie UMM was able to get in 5.18 miles all together.

Okay, so it actually turned out to be a really fun morning. I had no idea that Hell could be so gorgeous! If that was Hell, sign me up as I am going to have to sin more often...Or, syn rather. Not only did I face the hill climbs with wonderful company, but post run, we celebrated by eating yummy Cinnamon Bread from Greenlees Bakery!
Hill pictures never do the climb justice.

Here's me looking like a wuss in my scarf & hat standing next to Paulette


Paulette said…
Love it - cute photos! Had a great time today.
XLMIC said…
Very awesome! I totally think the fun possible in Hell is downplayed :) Looks like it was brutally lovely! Thanks so much for doing it! Next time, you need to come up and do it at the real venue :)
Lancer!! said…
That trail looks vaguely familiar: An ex-Marine college buddy of mine dragged me and his girlfriend up a similar trail off Hwy.9 in that area. Can't recall the name of the park/trail, but it was a tough, tough climb. I'll have to go find that trail again. Glad you enjoyed your run! :-)

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